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Point Loma & Shelter Island 12.14.2017

Ryan Greenspan

I am the owner of professional paintball team San Diego Dynasty. Our team is the winningest team in the sports history (roughly 30 years). We started this team while I was attending SDSU back in 2001. I personally travel around the world competing in events and teaching training seminars. Read more>>

Kathy OBrien

Dating back to 1933, the marina has enjoyed a long history in the harbor and a reputation as one of the oldest and most established marinas in San Diego. Following a complete overhaul in 2005, Sun Harbor received recognition on a national as well as international level as the world’s first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, marina. Read more>>

Alicia Mascareñas

My partner and I came from completely different backgrounds but both had very personal experience navigating through the healthcare system. I had a very sick mother and began advocating as a teenager. My business partner Samantha came from Denmark to the US where she had to be her own advocate and navigate herself through the healthcare maze while being sick. Read more>>

Neisha Hernandez

22 years ago, we opened our doors teaching dance classes. 12 years ago, we added a Music Department, founded a 501c3 nonprofit ballet division called The Chula Vista Ballet, and purchased the property to house all of the artistic fun! Read more>>

Laura Maly and Michael Anderson

As a husband and wife team, Wonderist Agency start in 2011 with a $100 bill at a kitchen table. In a few short years, we’re in over 25 states with over 100 clients and a team of 15 in San Diego, with hires happening almost monthly. Read more>>

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