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Point Loma & Shelter Island’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at the SD Voyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the San Diego’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Point Loma & Shelter Island below.

Michelle Moore

With a heavy background in Advertising, working as a creative director for years in a cutthroat industry had left me needing a space to chill and express myself. Right around the downturn of the market felt like a good time to turn around my life and work for myself… studied Fine art as an undergraduate with a few stints abroad, my hands were aching to pound some metal, paint or sculpt again. Added to that my passion for travel and connection to all things that need fixing in our society… My studio opened. Read more>>

Nate Jackson

I grew up a very active kid in El Paso, Texas. My brothers and I played football, basketball, and baseball year round until we got to high school and eventually stuck with football. After competing at a high level in a big high school in Texas, I lost all my offers to play at big a University due to not having the best grades at the time; just good enough to play. This forced me to look elsewhere to pursue my biggest dream of playing football In College. Read more>>

Corey Butts

Well that’s a long story… how much time do you have… haha! I’ll try to give you a short version: So I grew you in Baltimore, Maryland where I attended an all-boys Catholic high school. I learned a lot about myself as a young boy at Cardinal Gibbons. After high school, I attended and graduated from Bridgewater College. Read more>>

Kelsey O’Brien, Michelle Ballantyne

Our story, though just beginning as an official business, began many years ago when Michelle and I met in college. We were business majors who both dreamed of starting our own businesses. We realized how like minded we were and began scheming business ideas that would bring together our love of nature, travel and our passion for supporting the local community. Read more>>

Elizabeth Soares

My husband and I have always been in love with small business since we were young. My parents owned a flower shop and he started a window washing company as a kid. So, we always knew we were going to do something, and I assumed it would be flowers. Then, around my son’s 5th birthday, I started looking around San Diego for venue ideas and nothing seemed to fit my needs of cute, intimate and affordable. Read more>>

Collin Chappelle

I began shooting after finding an old Minolta 35mm film camera of my parents back in 8th grade. Unfortunealy, it didn’t work but I was intrigued, so I saved up some lunch & chore money to buy my first camera and began doing tests teaching myself how shutter speed, aperture and film speed work. Read more>>


Angela Amato

Yoga started for me after experiencing a significant loss in life, I was not dealing with it very well and tried many different things to help cope and nothing was helping, someone, suggested Yoga. Being new to Yoga, I figured it was worth a try. I turned to Yoga to help me heal through a difficult time, and that’s exactly what it did. Read more>>

Stray Monroe

Blurring the lines between pop and indie rock, Stray Monroe pride themselves on their high energy and humble nature, taking influence from the likes of The Strokes, Oasis and The Velvet Underground. With a sound that will take you on a nostalgia trip through several decades while still feeling modern, Stray Monroe has set themselves apart from anyone else in the Southern California music scene. Read more>>

Ryan Hughes

After writing and performing with several local bands, Ryan recorded an album of songs he had written while collecting unemployment. “Full of thumping bass lines and infectious melodies, ‘No Job, No Worries’ is a gritty and soulful E.P. on which he plays every instrument.” Read more>>

Kevin Winger

I grew up in Ojai, Ca and was exposed to a great community of artists. My parents placed me in private painting lessons at a young age. I’ve always had a creative outlet in my life; music, painting, photography and cooking. It all came together after I decided to return to college and pursue an environmental science degree. Read more>>

Brian Tustin

I was born in Maryland and grew up in the same house in downtown Berlin, MD. I spent the majority of my time running around outside in Berlin and Ocean City being as much of a rascal as possible without getting into too much trouble. While spending most of my days with friends, sports definitely consumed the majority of my life once I got to high school and then into college. Read more>>

Kyla Rain Wyllie

Well in 8th grade I first began making the website of Pure Nowhere, an online music & culture publication. I was always really interested in web design, I’d make blog after blog, and then discard them for the next project. Read more>>


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