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Rising Stars of Balboa Park & Hillcrest

The heart of our mission at the SD Voyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the San Diego’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Balboa Park & Hillcrest below.

Luis Aguilar

Vaya Futuro started in Tijuana playing small venues and pretty much jamming and trying to sound like bands we admire, specially the 90’s shoegaze and noise rock scenes. The first record came out in 2014 after we were supposed to split up. A friend of ours was studying sound engineering in San Diego and our record was his final project in order to graduate. After that, the band started to gain unexpected new life, after all, the “shoegaze revival” wasn’t a big thing yet, especially for a Mexican band. After that the band started to get more serious and between recording and producing other Tijuana bands, we started to record our second album “Perro Verde y Triste” with a much bigger range of styles. The album was released in 2015 with the band now relocated in Mexico City. This same year we won a contest to travel and record to Iceland. We recorder two songs the first one being Congelar produced by Justin Douglas who would produce our third record two years later. The second song was produced by Ben H. Allen (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley, Christina Aguilera). Read more>>

Carlee Krichmar

I became very interested in human development when majoring in education as an undergrad and found a lot of connections between the experiences I had as a child and how they affected me as I grew into an adult. After I graduated with my bachelor’s, I started a master’s program for educational counseling and got a job teaching a second grade special education class for children diagnosed as emotionally and or behaviorally disturbed. I fell in love with working with children that exhibited complicated behaviors that often stemmed from misplaced anger and unstable home lives, and often resonated with their intense reactions to frustration and confusion. After finishing my master’s, I moved to San Diego and started working as a behavior interventionist for children diagnosed with Autism. I learned a lot about behavior patterns, the different ways humans communicate their needs, how difficult it can be to communicate when we don’t understand what we are experiencing, and how difficult it can be for an adult to address an inconvenient problem. Read more>>

Kim Andrade

From the very beginning I’ve always found myself around the kitchen helping my Mom with baking Filipino and American desserts. As I think back to that time it seemed as if we were baking from scratch every week. Some desserts requiring a couple of days to prep before even setting it into the oven. My Mom would have me crack open the coconuts and then grate it so that I may later squeeze out the delicious white milk for our babingka (Filipino sweet rice cake). As years passed, I graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in Art with an Emphasis in Painting and Printmaking. I worked at Scripps Clinic in their Pathology and Microbiology Dept. and later moved into Quality within the biotech/medical device industry. No matter what I was doing, I was baking as it was second nature to me. It was a love that connected me with family It was at my very wedding that things began to change for me. My husband and I went about San Diego in search of a wedding cake. We did a few cake tastings and just couldn’t find what we wanted. Read more>>

Memory Leak

Memory Leak formed three years ago in Tijuana, Mexico. We’re a group of friends who wanted to make music. Our sound is influenced by shoegaze, dreampop, and a slight touch of hardcode. Graduate into Nothing, our first EP, could be defined as a mix of atmospheric textures that align with strident guitars and some layers of noise. Altogether, it creates a landscape of melodic sound that takes you to a moment in time. Read more>>

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