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Rising Stars of Downtown & Little Italy

The heart of our mission at the SD Voyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the San Diego’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Downtown & Little Italy below.

Francine Ribeau

I never thought I would be an event planner. I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. My indecisiveness followed me to college. While there, I changed my major six times, all of which didn’t include hospitality or event planning. Read more>>

Kylie Turner

I’ve always felt a strong need to have the ability to express myself creatively in my career and combine my personal interests and passions with a fierce work ethic. I wanted to build myself into a resource that local, San Diego based companies felt they could come to and trust for creative direction. Read more>>

Jarren Barboza

I started riding BMX around ten years old, I rode pretty much every day for years. It was an outlet not only to be creative but meet all of these people that shared the same passion. Fast forward ten years later I’m doing it professionally with the support of some legendary brands in the game. Read more>>

Candice Seti

When it comes to weight loss and diet dependence—I’ve been there! Growing up I was a beanpole—skin and bones. I could eat anything, anytime, without impact. A half-gallon of ice cream, sure. An entire pizza, no problem. Of course, I didn’t really appreciate how lucky I was until the end of high school. Read more>>


I started shooting in 2004. Back then I worked at the County Administration building. I would spend my lunch breaks taking photographs down by the waterfront. It started as just a hobby and has progressed into a major passion of mine. Read more>>

Charlie Sears

Started back in 2010, The Awarewolfs (AWLF for short) is a bicycle group that hosts Fullmoon Bike rides as well as other bicycle events/races. This February’s Fullmoon is the 114th Fullmoon Bikeride (FMBR) that we have hosted. Read more>>

Grant Gryska and Marie Fourie

My wife and I were visiting her home country of South Africa and we went to a fair. One of the vendors was selling pizza in a cone shape. It was the size of a whole pizza so we took the idea home and spent months baking the perfect personal sized cone. Read more>>

Athena Perrakis

I’m Dr. Athena Perrakis, the founder of Sage Goddess. Sage Goddess brings the magic of spirituality and metaphysics into daily life for people around the world. I invite everyone to join me on an incredible journey of self-discovery – to remember and activate their power. Read more>>

Sallay Kim

I began my career in the military in intelligence. As my years of service were coming to an end, I realized that although I lived in the DC area at the time and could find an Intel job with no issue, it wasn’t necessarily my passion. I decided to figure out what I was passionate about and read a book by Po. Read more>>

Joanna Younes

I started gaining my interest and passion for acting when my mom put me in acting and dance classes with the British Academy of International Arts (in Kuwait) at six years old. Growing up in Kuwait meant that there were limited film/commercial opportunities, so my love grew for the theatre. Read more>>

Ivan S. Harris

I moved to San Diego 14 years ago from the Joliet (The Midwest), basically to pursue my dream of a career in Photography. You might ask why San Diego? Why not LA? Well, Being from the midwest I just wanted to get to the “west coast” and I had family here in San Diego, a move across the country was more realistic. Read more>>

Cortney Troup

I worked in the non-profit education field for 20 years. I was never truly fulfilled and knew at some point in my life I wanted to run my own business. My job as a project manager was great when I was starting my family and it gave me a lot of valuable experience and I am grateful for it. Read more>>

Vik Monder

People often ask me how did I choose this profession as a criminal defense lawyer in San Diego. I often tell people that I was the key witness to my best friend’s murder growing up and going through this process has personally fostered my passion for the love of law. Read more>>



Aaron Choi

We at Girl & Dug Farm live, think, breathe, eat, and work at the intersection of farming and art. Family owned and operated, the very name of our farm is an homage to my baby girls and their lovable overweight beagle, Dug. We began farming 15 years ago when my parents thought that they were retiring by purchasing an 8-acre cucumber farm. Read more>>

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