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South San Diego 01.11.2018

Rachel Jalanivich

I guess you could say I was raised to love the water. My dad was an avid scuba diver and fisherman and I was taught to have a deep respect for the sea from a young age. I grew up swimming in our pool and even had a little pink mask and snorkel. Read more>>

Shamine Linton

The idea of starting a community closet came to me when I was eleven years old, living on the island of Jamaica. I recall my friends wanting different career paths — some wanted to become soccer players, farmers, nurses, business owners. Read more>>

Tru Miller

I came to the Guadalupe Valley 20 years ago with my late husband Donald Miller to start a winery. It was our retirement project. We plated the vineyard in 1997 and we had our first harvest in 2000. We ended settling in Mexico because land was much cheaper here than in Napa or Sonoma and the weather qualities are the same as in Napa to grow grapes. Read more>>

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