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South San Diego 10.26.2017

Cecilia Huerta

My photography journey began in high school many years ago. I used to love creating art and then running to the dark room to develop my photographs. After high school I had no access to nice cameras or a darkroom so my passion for photography went dormant for a long time. Read more>>

Gian Ghio

My wife (Graciela Polick) and I have always liked taking photographs and decided to turn that passion into a photography business in the spring of 2011 shortly after the passing of my father. Read more>>

Anna Show

About six years ago, I was studying in a university in Russia. I was studying accounting. I spent my spare time dancing in one of the dance crews. When we attended competitions or shows we had to put a lot of make up on and of course strip lashes. My eyes are sensitive and it was super uncomfortable to use them. That’s when I decided to get individual lashes and they worked! Read more>>

Danielle Miranda

In 2015 I was a stay at home mom. I purchased a camera to capture photos of my growing children and to maybe start a new hobby. I had always loved taking photos but had never used a “real” camera before. After posting some photos on Facebook, a couple of friends asked me to take photos of their children. I started a business shortly after and now do about 300 sessions a year! Read more>>

Frank Rios

Set Life Photography originally started out as Set Life Magazine in 2014, a magazine dedicated to the positive image of the biker life style. The magazine was more of a passionate hobby. I designed to layout, wrote the articles and photographed subjects and events for the magazine. Read more>>

James Hardesty

Started learning about digital photography back in high school my freshman year. Went on to become a photographer and Senior Photo Editor for the school’s yearbook. My senior year I started learning about house music and the raves that took place nearby. Obsessed with the music I looked for a way to get my foot in the door. Read more>>

Carlos Rodriguez, Jr.

I started my CrossFit Journey, unknowingly, in college (2010) when my cousin insisted I try it. Like most others, I was intimidated by the fitness movements and intensity levels so I refused to take his advice. Read more>>

Theresa Wells

Around 9 or so years ago, I was extremely obese. At the time, it never dawned on me how big I was. Several factors contributed to this. Such as being in the company of obese and overweight friends and family. Nobody is going to tell you you’re obese and they are in the same unhealthy predicament you are. Other times, people don’t want to hurt your feelings. Read more>>

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