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South San Diego 11.16.2017

Amy Legaspi

It was on a Saturday morning I was laying in bed thinking about a solution for my youngest son’s first birthday event. I wanted entertainment for our infant and toddler guests. I also wanted to give parents a break however didn’t want the little guests to be crawling around on the dirty floor or be carried throughout the duration of the party. Read more>>

Lariesa Bell

I have always loved the finesse and power of the human body. I love learning about it and my passion is sharing that knowledge with my clients. After receiving my bachelor or science degree from the University of Washington, I started my career as an Aerobics Instructor because I really enjoyed the energy and dynamic moves of an aerobics class. Read more>>

Jesse Piña

Exodus Volleyball Club was born with the mission of providing quality and competitive volleyball to communities that have not had an equitable opportunity. We started off serving the homeless youth of downtown San Diego and have now expanded to Chula Vista where we train competitive travel teams. Read more>>

Carlos Vargas

Living an active lifestyle has been a way of life for us. We wanted to open the doors to the South SanDiego / Chula Vista community to a place where they could be a better version of themselves through fitness. We were on a road trip the summer of 2013, when we just decided we wanted to open a CrossFit gym. Read more>>

Patricia Machado

Augen Optics was founded in Ensenada, Mexico, in 1985 as an eyeglass lens laboratory by physicist Dr. Marco Antonio Machado. The laboratory initially focused on providing the Mexican market with quality lens options not previously available in that market. Read more>>

Janel Richardson

My journey of self-awareness began as a youth questioning about spirituality. As a young adult, I read literature from all over the world about the various forms of spirituality in global healing traditions. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Studies, searching for ways to learn about the world and my relationship to it. Read more>>

Jason Richard

My wife and I went to Budapest for vacation and we kept seeing places called, “Escape Rooms” all over the city. Finally, we decided to try one. Our first escape room mission was to steal and diamond from a vault, 20 minutes into the game I knew that I wanted to open my own escape room in San Diego so I could offer people the same experience. Read more>>

Dr. Nikki Watkins

In 2005 I started a Counseling Psychology program at Southern California Seminary. In May 2008, I graduated with a master’s degree. I worked at the San Diego Rescue Mission for approximately four years in a variety of positions )including Case Manager, Social Worker, Therapist, and Program Manager), prior to going back to school to pursue a doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology. Read more>>

Hyrum Oaks

In 2008 I created the Utah Valley Marathon and as a race organizer I was not satisfied with any of the registration providers that were available to me. After a few years of using a few different platforms I finally decided to solve the problem and make my own platform. Read more>>

Emmanuel Acua

My passion for photography runs in my blood because I can remember that my grandfather was a photographer, not a declared professional but a true photographer. Every experience, detail, emotion, and landscape was captured by my grandfather over the course of many years. Read more>>

Peter Kalivas

The PGK Dance Project is San Diego’s most widely traveled professional company presented at theaters and festivals worldwide including: The Ailey Citigroup Theater / NYC, Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival / MA, REDCAT / LA, The Florida Dance Festival / Miami, Le Festival D’Avignon / FRANCE, Tanz Tagen / Germany, Tumbuka Dance / Zimbabwe, Dance Platform Turkey / Istanbul, Dance Belize / Belize City among many others. Read more>>

OJ Amaya

As a native San Diegan, I first took up golf while at San Diego State University earning my degree in Accounting. I was immediately captivated by the game and the challenge it presented. My interest was so strong that I soon left the accounting profession to pursue a career in golf. Read more>>

Todd Sparks

Growing up in the rural Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, Todd spent many hours and days in either of his mom’s two private practice physical therapy clinics. Whether home sick from school or no babysitter available, Todd often roamed the clinic following his mother, talking with patients and playing with gym equipment. Read more>>


Larry White

I have been in the towing business for over 17 years. About 4 years ago I took full custody of my 3 beautiful children after getting my children stable I knew I needed to do something for my children and working for someone was not the way it was going to happen so I took the jump knowing the risk but also knowing this no reward without risk so I decided to start Signature Towing Inc. Read more>>

Linda Severn

I never planned on being a professional massage therapist. I’d been working on friends and family since I was a child, sitting at my Grandmother’s feet with a pink jar of ponds cold cream while she watched her soaps. Read more>>

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