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South San Diego 11.3.2017

Lani Fisher

I had a four week wait period to get on my massage table. I couldn’t keep up with my demand. My daughter was about to start school, and I would no longer see her during the daytime. So, I started interviewing therapists to help with my overflow and give me a couple week nights to be with my family. Read more>>

Juan Antonio Escorcia

Boundless Fitness Center is a program that was born right on the heart of Chula Vista. I personally always had a passion for fitness. I have been an athlete my entire life. I have practice several sports from a young age such as soccer, baseball, volleyball, swimming and basketball. Read more>>

Teresa Mazzarella

Once I graduated high school, I moved to Tucson Arizona to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary biology. It was during this time that I started to frequent the gym much more often, and I got into the habit of exercising daily. I saw the benefits of maintaining a consistent program and since then I have been committed! Read more>>

Krystal and Masada Ellis

We are a husband and wife team and some pretty awesome parents. Masada is the cool, straight forward, easy going musician and Krystal is the practical, conscientious freelancer. We are both lifelong learners and current students. To make a living, we wanted to go any route but ordinary. Read more>>

Tricia Schmorde

I started with a love for dogs as a very young girl. Seeking out stray dogs and feeding and caring for them Dogs seemed to seek me whenever I would go out peoples dogs would come over to me. I was obsessed with the timber wolf and did many papers and studied them as a young teen and school age child. Read more>>

Bronco Foster

Baja Paintball started out as a weekend business in 1996 with 1 field and 20 full rentals. After a lot of work and dedication, we are now the biggest and best fields in Northwestern Mexico. We cater to players from both sides of the border providing lifetime memories between friends and family enjoying this wonderful activity. Read more>>

Rabeka Harrison

I started my company Together As {3Point} One a few years ago to after having several close friends pass away from terminal illnesses. It was heartbreaking to watch them struggle to make ends meet after such devastating life events. Daily bills go unpaid all the while medical bills stack up, depression and grief kick in making it that much harder to keep up with the demands of daily life. Read more>>

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