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South San Diego 11.9.2017

Amy Legaspi

It was on a Saturday morning I was laying in bed thinking about a solution for my youngest son’s first birthday event. I wanted entertainment for our infant and toddler guests. I also wanted to give parents a break however didn’t want the little guests to be crawling around on the dirty floor or be carried throughout the duration of the party. Read more>>

Jay Pesayco

I started my photo booth business in 2014 with the intentions to make some extra money on the side. That year only had 3 clients booked and did not even cover any costs that I have spent for all my equipment. Read more>>

Pete Tillack

Pete Tillack – Originally from Australia, I was originally an electrician then went on a surf trip that just never ended. Once on the road, it was easy to keep traveling, I filled 3 passports while I moved ventured the world for 10 or years. Read more>>


My love for photography started when I was in middle school, where I always brought a camera with me to school and documented almost everything I could. In High School I was part of the yearbook team and also took a black & white photography class where my love even grew bigger. Read more>>

Jesse Piña

Jesse Piña

Exodus Volleyball Club was born with the mission of providing quality and competitive volleyball to communities that have not had an equitable opportunity. We started off serving the homeless youth of downtown San Diego and have now expanded to Chula Vista where we train competitive travel teams. Read more>>

Carlos Vargas

Living an active lifestyle has been a way of life for us. We wanted to open the doors to the South SanDiego / Chula Vista community to a place where they could be a better version of themselves through fitness. We were on a road trip the summer of 2013, when we just decided we wanted to open a CrossFit gym. Read more>>

Linda Severn

I never planned on being a professional massage therapist. I’d been working on friends and family since I was a child, sitting at my Grandmother’s feet with a pink jar of ponds cold cream while she watched her soaps. Read more>>

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