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South San Diego 12.20.2017

Cristina Arellano

Our family, most importantly my Mother Silvia, has been in the beauty industry for 40 years. She is a licensed cosmetologist, owned 6 Beauty Salons, and Supplies in the Los Angeles area. She and I came to San Diego almost 13 years ago, to open a wholesale distribution of Johnny B. Hair Care, and Color Edge, among other brands we later added on. Read more>>>

TONY Godinez

It all started when I was 19yrs old, I had 2 jobs at Plaza Bonita The only reason I had 2 jobs was because I wanted to make a lot of money, no kids, no wife, living at moms house simply wanting more out of life I decided to ask my Uncle Hector for a job at Bill Howe Plumbing I started as an apprentice, learned about basic plumbing and drains, I ended up going to school for HVAC got HVAC Certified. Read more>>

Jessica Van Arsdale, Daniel Herbst

Over 10 years ago, Dan had seen Caltrans workers taking out trees on the side of the road. Being a resourceful maker, he stopped and asked what they were going to do with the trees. Normally they get mulched or turned to firewood. He got bit with the bug to acquire and utilize these trees. A fellow artist loaned him a chainsaw and he cut his first tree and milled the wood. Read more>>

Barbara Richardson

I am a retired Banker of 22 years. I had reached my peak within the industry and I had decided I would dedicate my time towards the Ministry my husband and I started in 2008. During that time as I was in submission of The Lord, the Lord directed me to open a preschool. I’ve always had a desire to work with children/teenagers and was a mentor to many. Lack of my own understanding I could never figure out why children including those familiar or strangers always showed unconditional love towards me. Read more>>

Joseph Snyder

A two week old child in Lima, Peru was sick with cholera and was being fed with a dropper because he was too weak to swallow. He was fading away and his immune system was not working well. A chiropractor saw this child and started to adjust the spine. Every couple of hours over a few days the child was administered a chiropractic adjustment and he started to gain mass and was able to swallow. His body started to turn on again his immune system was activated. Read more>>

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