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TB Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad 04.23.2018

Cat Valadez

I was also back to working part-time in addition to teaching, and had gone to full-time remote work — so I had the flexibility I craved — but I wasn’t in love with the work. I wanted to do my own thing! I sat down and decided that I was going to do everything I could to make a real career out of teaching yoga, so I transitioned out of my full-time job and picked up more classes to teach, started offering workshops in the area, and expanded my online offerings. Read more>>

Thanh-Thanh Dang, Mario Jimenez

Banana Dang was created out of our love for coffee and bananas. I took my first sip of coffee at 5-years-old back in Saigon, Vietnam and opened my first cafe in Rincon, Puerto Rico in 2007 with my husband/business partner Mario Jimenez. Dubbed the “World’s First All-Banana Smoothie House” and coffee bar, Banana Dang quickly became an institution in the Caribbean surf city. Read more>>

Nicole Novena

The first time I tried my hand at the wheel, I was in high school and instantly fell in love. However, I never imagined it being anything more than enjoyment. So, off to college and corporate America but ceramics was always in the background… a creative outlet for life. Read more>>

Seanna Fishbein

I’ve always had a knack caring for my skin and interests in the beauty industry, so with the recent rise in popularity of Microblading, I knew that this was something I would be good at and it’s a business I could call my own! Read more>>

Brianna Worthington

I always joke when I tell my story and say “I stumbled into the hair industry” but that is 100% the truth! Out of high school, I didn’t have much direction on what I wanted to achieve in life. I have always loved the salon atmosphere, getting my hair done, and experimenting with new hair products. Read more>>

Beka Ward

I have always been interested in makeup. When I was younger, I would do all of my friend’s makeup for our high school dances and cheer competitions. As I got older, I got asked to do makeup for my friend’s weddings and word spread that I was the “makeup girl” and I started getting a lot of calls to do makeup for friends of friends and luckily, I kept getting referrals and it was a natural progression into trying to make doing what I love, into a career. Read more>>

Secret Salon Hair and Makeup Team

Half of them met in hair school, the other half have been picked up along the way. They all share a passion for hair styling and makeup and between them have taken care of hundreds of San Diego weddings. Read more>>

Chelsea Thomas

Obviously, the Bay Area is a food haven now, but it has always been something special up there and was always a source of happiness for me. From going to the local farmers market in the summer to making homemade cookies for the holidays and going to Half Moon Bay for local honey sticks and driving to Watsonville for the best apple juice you’ll ever taste (At Gizdich Ranch), many of my family’s adventures revolved around food. Read more>>

Leeya Lueur

I have loved makeup since I was a little girl and remember stealing my mom’s bright blue eyeshadow to play with. In high school, one of my friends came over to her prom to tell me she canceled her hair and makeup appointments and told me to get her ready. That was the first time, I had done a full face of makeup or styled hair on someone before and it turned out beautifully. Read more>>

Cassie Talamantez

I was 13 when my mom picked me up from school one day and proceeded to tell me that she wanted me to be like Bobby Brown, the cosmetics powerhouse. When she first told me that, I quickly informed her that I did not want to turn something I loved into something that was a job. I didn’t understand that the difference between a career and a job. Read more>>

Vanessa Smith

After blogging for a few months, I noticed people were actually reading what I was writing and asking me questions and wanting more insight on some things I was writing about. I completely began to look and blogging so differently, I find myself today writing to help and inspire others. Read more>>

Tina Frantz

Tina Frantz Designs began out of a simple love of fabrics. While working as an interior designer in Manhattan and Southern California, I became privy to the hundreds of beautiful upholstery swatches being discontinued and regularly discarded by furniture companies. With an innate love of fabrics and a healthy eco-consciousness, I began to save them, knowing that something special could be done with them. Read more>>

Katherine Bookout

We were started out of necessity…. basically, we ran out of space! My husband (Matt) used to work for the Humane Society and we were living on the Central Coast in an area with a lot of abandoned animals. We were able to rehab and adopt out a lot of animals that we knew wouldn’t make it to the adoption floor in a shelter environment, but we also ended up with a lot of our own on a 6,000 sq. ft. lot. Read more>>

Fetu Escoto-Dyke

We launched Purposeful Pair in 2016 and we are excited to say our Wellness emPowerment Coaching has been received with grace and positivity! Many of our clients are experiencing breakthroughs on their mind-traps that interfere with believing they can move forward in a positive life no matter their circumstance, learning how to connect to their purpose and are improving their health with our simple wellness coaching and practical advice for exercise. Read more>>

Andrea Cardenas

At a very young age, I always knew I loved makeup. At the age of 13, I began as a self-taught makeup artist watching countless YouTube videos. I would practice doing my makeup every day. As my makeup began to improve and as I began high school, many of my peers knew me for my makeup and many often asked me to do theirs for school dances. Read more>>

Saundra DeSantiago

After graduating high school in 2003, I immediately began doing hair and makeup for weddings as I was self-taught from offering the same services to friends and family while in high school. This did not require a college education and was great money, but I allowed the pressure to do something grand with my life and did not feel being a hairstylist/makeup artist was enough. Read more>>


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