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TB Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad 4.30.2018

Vanessa Nicole

My love for makeup and all things beauty started at the age of 12. In my free time my favorite thing to do was sit myself in front of a computer and binge watch makeup tutorials on YouTube. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup at that age so I used to run into my moms room and swipe her makeup bag, apply a full face while watching my favorite Beauty Guru’s, then wash it all off before I was caught! Read more>>

Katelyn McCullough

Elwynn + Cass is a beauty concierge service and my mother and I started our business based on personal experience in trying to get ready for events. Trying to find hair and makeup artists who could do the look and vibe we were going for, and finding that there are a 100+ options. Read more>>

Carmina Aguirre

One of my main reason why is started photography was because I didn’t have any baby pictures of myself. My first camera I bought was back when I was 22 with my first job. I saved and bought my first point and shoot camera. I was happy and took a lot of pictures.  Read more>>

Heidi Ledger

Thread Spun has been a dream of mine for many years. The seed was originally planted when I was a college student in Toronto, Canada, which is one of the most diverse cities in the world. I was exposed to a wealth of new cultures and ideas, and began to learn more about immigration issues through a volunteer position with Amnesty International.  Read more>>

Jessica Hanley

Some will say I was born to be a hairstylist. Coming from a family of artists, creativity was of second nature to me and I realized at a very young age that hair would be my medium. I started my career in my home town of Santa Barbara where I attended school and completed my cosmetology training. Read more>>

Jennifer Van Deausen

I started teaching fitness at the age of 18. I loved teaching people outside the box of the traditional fitness crowd. I called it “Fitness Therapy.” My clients were generally people who did not know how to have a healthy lifestyle. It was very rewarding.  Read more>>.

Lauren Evashenk

I got interested in clean beauty about 5 years ago when I found out that the personal care market is essentially unregulated, and that most common products are filled with toxic ingredients.  When I went looking for healthier makeup, I discovered that labeling regulations are similarly lacking, Read more>>

Carly Zuffinetti

I started my blog, The Preggers Pantry, to connect with like minded mamas and to help inspire and educate women about the importance of prenatal health. I recently created two natural and organic skin care products, Mama’s Mirac-Oil and Mama’s Magic Mist after learning about the importance of using safe skincare during pregnancy. Read more>>

Rachael Cohen

About three years ago, when my littles were 3 and 1, I found myself suffering from a bad bout of anxiety, depression and insomnia. I began to “play with my plants” during my childrens’ afternoon naps as a form of meditation and therapy. Read more>>

Meet Trailblazer Katie Koniakowsky

I struggled with disordered eating growing up as a way to cope with anxiety. This led to me becoming very unhappy with my body, I would look in the mirror and think I was fat and I wasn’t, not even close! I think a lot of girls can relate to that. Read more>>

Jean Quinn

Growing up I spent many weekends at Mama’s (my grandmother) house as she taught me the art of sewing. She had been a tailor for many years at our family dry cleaners in Pasadena, California. She was a perfectionist, thus my most used tool became the seam ripper! Read more>>

Tiffany Yang

In college, I was initially studying Computer Information Studies with a minor in Communications. As I continue my college career, I began falling in love with studying media which lead me to ditch my acceptance major and minor to go full force into Mass Media studies. Read more>>

Alexis Amato

I always knew i wanted to be in hospitality related careers at that would eventually lead to travel in my business. At 16 years old, I started as a hostess at Chilis, and worked my way up, serving and bartending for various restaurants until I was 26 years old. Read more>>


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