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TB North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights 4.30.2018

Lauren Evashenk

I got interested in clean beauty about 5 years ago when I found out that the personal care market is essentially unregulated, and that most common products are filled with toxic ingredients.  When I went looking for healthier makeup, Read more>>

Stephanie Bailey

My love for video production began in college, where I went to school at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. I earned my degree in Public Relations and Advertising. While in school, I enjoyed learning about video production as a powerful marketing tool and I knew that it was something I wanted to pursue as a career. Read more>>

Michelle Sullivan

Littlest Warrior was inspired by my son Eli who is my biggest hero. We found out when I was 20 weeks pregnant that Eli had a heart defect and his intestines were blocked. Both those things pointed to Down Syndrome as well, so we had a blood test to confirm. Read more>>

Arezou Ghane

I was a National Science Foundation researcher doing work I was really proud of in the field of health psychology. However, I suffered severe stress-related symptoms. Intractable migraines, weight gain, insomnia, crippling anxiety, and severe self-criticism.  Read more>>

Jeanne Reilly

I grew up in Southern California, earned my bachelors degree in business & marketing, then moved to Boston, ready for an adventure. Only, I didn’t find much of an adventure in my career choice. After a few years, I decided to make a change.  Read more>>

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