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TB Point Loma & Shelter Island 04.23.2018

Ilona Davidov

I started out 16 years ago making jewelry pieces for myself and for friends until local boutique owners became interested in my work. I quickly realized that designing jewelry was not going to be a hobby but instead a great business opportunity. Read more>>

Alessandra D’Orazio

I started out as a shy girl who just met someone who thought I would be a good yoga instructor because I was so calm. Then before I knew it, the supervisor of the campus gym was emailing me to get set up with a yoga mentor. It took 4 months and a one fitness certification later, but I was teaching yoga at 18 years old. Read more>>

Chelsea Serrano

I learned to cook from my mom and grandmothers. On my mom’s side my Grandma is Japanese (my mom is half) and on my father’s side my Grandma is southern so I learned a lot of different flavors and techniques from all the women in my family. My mom started a personal chef business and I would help her out as her sous chef. Read more>>

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