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Thought Provokers: Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad

San Diego has always had an artistic soul.  The culture and heritage of our city, like most great cities, owes a tremendous debt to the arts community.  Supporting local art is something we care deeply about and we’d like to do everything we can to help the local arts community thrive.  Unfortunately, too often media attention is monopolized by corporate interests and tabloid gossip – but culture doesn’t come from a focus on celebrity breakups it comes from a focus on the arts.

Below, you’ll find some incredible artists and creative professionals from in and around Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Andrea Moore

Then one day after an exhausting trip to the local department store to take photos of my young children, I decided that would be my last time dealing with one of those experiences, and I was determined to learn how to take quality photos of my own children myself. I was teaching preschool at the time, and did some model calls with some of the children, read all the books I could get my hands on, purchased video tutorials, you name it, anything I could do to teach myself the ins and outs of photography. Very quickly, I found myself getting inquiries from clients to capture photos of them and their children. Read more>>

Diane Hamacher

I have always been drawn by the power of images to communicate emotions and have been taking pictures since I was a teenager (no digital camera at that time, the good old argentic camera with film). When my first child was born 6 years ago, my husband bought me my first DSLR, my photography skills were taken to the next level. Read more>>

Jon Luce

As a young boy, I would constantly draw, but never took my passion for art seriously. About 7 years ago I met my beautiful wife, Denise. She encouraged me to follow my instincts and chase my dreams. I finally took my talent seriously and enrolled in art classes. Read more>>

Natasha Rindt

Orange County native, Natasha Rindt, is best known for her hand-lettering, fluid art, and bright colored paintings. She first picked up a brush when she was only 4 years old, and she never wanted to put it down. Replicating the greats, like Monet and Van Gogh, Natasha continued developing her skills and at age 16, she tackled her first mural, a cityscape of Florence, Italy. Read more>>

Keiko Tanabe

I worked as a marketing person in an international law firm and consulting firm and did not plan to do art for a living. But I became serious about art just before 2005, took a drawing class, practiced watercolor in earnest, and decided to make a career change in 2005. I’ve been painting, exhibiting, selling my art ever since. Read more>>

The Bleeskiez

High school homies that grew up into the same music, skateboarding, and learned to play instruments together. We started just playing covers and jamming in a garage then started writing our own songs and getting offered shows and got excited to play them. Read more>>

Christopher Duke Kent, Stamp Pop

I got a degree in Landscape Architecture and lost my job when the economy collapsed. Learned the design process, lived the fine line between engineering and art by bringing beauty to people. I then created an after school program for “at risk” youth in Anaheim for the Y, and while trying to inspire youth to harness their talents, artistic ones specifically, I was inspired to do it with them. Read more>>

Laura Lochrin

I have always been passionate about interiors, and continually update my own home to ensure I love it every time I walk in. I believe that everyone should have a home that truly reflects them and their style. I think it’s important that everyone has a home that they love to come home too, it’s where we spend most of our lives and where the big life moments take place! Read more>>

Alex Moreno

Born and raised in Sacramento, I decided after 18 years of living in the same place it was time to explore. So, I moved down to Southern California and attended the Art Institute of Orange County, where I later received my bachelor’s degree in marketing / advertising. Shortly after graduation I started working in the field as a graphic designer. Read more>>

Citadel Nicolas-Penn

Photography is my passion. I love photos and I certainly love taking photos of other people. I love creating and telling stories through photos. Read more>>

Lori Barnett

My artistic journey started later in life by attending a paint night event. I didn’t have any idea how to paint and my experience that night sparked something in me. I went to 4 more of those events and realized that I had some natural talent. Read more>>

Leah Jackson

I’m a firm believer in learning new perspectives and sharing and receiving information from others. As an artist, one never feels they are ever good enough. However, there is an endless amount of knowledge with this path that will never leave us bored. Read more>>

Monica Martin

My story has always included creativity, and eventually… ART. From the glorious 64 count box of crayons that I cherished, to making anything I could out of construction paper, tape and my imagination. And here I am, many years later, creating art in my studio and living my dream every day. Read more>>

Makenzie Reese

I was on the path to become a nutritionist until that door closed for me. During this time of trying to figure out my passions and desires and how I could use them, I picked up my canon rebel for a trip and decided I wanted to learn how to shoot in manual. That’s when the research started and before I knew it I was hooked! Read more>>

Megan Misako Darrough

I enjoy telling stories, through visual mediums such as paintings or sculptures or graphic novels. Many things inspire me, from the people I meet to the number of colors in a single flower. The human mind has an interesting capacity for storytelling, and I like to string together ideas that create a unique twist and turn that makes the creativity flow in our minds. Read more>>

Vanessa Moreno

I enjoy doing custom art for people and see their reaction to my artwork. I have different styles of art. From painting with a brush to using spray paint for the background, to wood burning and even In just finger painting. Yes that’s right finger painting. Art isn’t all about using a paint brush, but it’s whatever you put your mind into it. Read more>>

Grant Pecoff

Many of us are living “inside the box” – restricted by limitations we’ve placed upon ourselves, without even noticing. We are numb, our senses asleep. My paintings are a reminder, a call to wake us up to the vibrant life that is all around us. By traveling the globe and painting new cultures, places, and perspective, I recreate that beauty, that reminder in color that inspires each of us, and wakes us up. Read more>>

Daniel Huynh

I started dancing at 15 years old as a means of incorporating physical activity into my life. As a child, I was severely overweight and once in high school, I realized I needed to make a lifestyle change. Not only did dance help me lose a massive amount of weight, but it quickly became my greatest passion. Read more>>

R. Scott Elgram

As an Eagle Scout and avid lover of nature I try to capture photographs that show people the beauty in nature and make them want to get out and experience it for them self’s. I try not to define my work by telling people what they should take away from it, but rather, I want to create images that pull at people and make them think about the beauty that is out there in the world and hopefully inspire them to seek out, explore and experience the serine natural beauty of nature in person. Read more>>

Justin Dilmore

When I was younger, I spent most of my time drawing comic book characters, horror scenes, and punk rock album covers. I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday and haven’t looked back since. I developed a huge appreciation for tattoo artistry which eventually led to me becoming a tattoo artist myself. Read more>>

Julie Ann Stricklin

My personal work is created for me and my joy. I hope that people can feel my just in each piece… I hope they always feel like they received more than they ever thought they could afford, and have pride in the design or illustration that reflects their passion/work. Read more>>

Freddie B.

My entire life, I have had difficulty with social skills and verbally expressing myself due to, in part, because of my Autism; I have Asperger’s, which is on the high functioning Autism Spectrum. So since my youth, I used photography as a means to express myself, to capture “moments” I wished to share and preserve, and in part, to be a buffer for my social awkwardness and I always allowed the camera to decide how to take the photo, i.e. automatic mode, because I knew not how else to take a photo. Read more>>

Noah Gilman

My photography journey has been a rewarding and positive experience for my life in many ways. Having been through drug addiction, chronic illness related surgeries, and traumatic brain injury that left me without a smell or taste, my experiences from life contributed to my respect and appreciation for the precious time that I get to spend behind the lens of my camera. Read more>>

Micki Brown

The paintings literally depend on the audience to ‘fill in the blanks’ and create closure. I am essentially hoping to make a space for a collective experience instead of needlessly connecting all the dots. Read more>>

Kaije Tucker

I was born in 1986 and I’ve been playing guitar my whole life. I moved around a lot as a kid but after high school, I joined the Air Force, where I learned Chinese and served for 9 years. After separating, I moved to San Diego to further my passion for music. Read more>>

The Night Howls

Formed ​in ​2016, The ​Night ​Howls ​beginnings ​consisted ​of ​playing ​four hour ​gigs ​for ​the ​first ​year ​developing ​tightness ​and ​chemistry. ​Originally ​comprised ​by ​Kimmi ​Bitter (vocals ​and ​guitar) ​and ​Ben ​Neal ​(guitar), ​who ​shared ​a ​similar ​vision ​of ​simple ​pentatonic ​riffs ​and roots ​music, ​the ​band ​shortly ​after ​recruited ​Willis ​Farnsworth ​(bass) ​and ​later, Kai Taylor (drums) ​completing ​their ​singer-songwriter ​with ​high ​intensity ​sound. Read more>>

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