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Thought Provokers: North Park, South Park & Kensington

San Diego has always had an artistic soul.  The culture and heritage of our city, like most great cities, owes a tremendous debt to the arts community.  Supporting local art is something we care deeply about and we’d like to do everything we can to help the local arts community thrive.  Unfortunately, too often media attention is monopolized by corporate interests and tabloid gossip – but culture doesn’t come from a focus on celebrity breakups it comes from a focus on the arts.

Below, you’ll find some incredible artists and creative professionals from in and around North Park, South Park & Kensington that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Michael Ruiz

Looking through the viewfinder always seemed to make what I was looking at somehow more important. That fascination with discovering new meaning in my daily surroundings continues today, whether it’s in my photography, sculpture or paintings. It all starts by simply slowing down enough to experience what’s right in front of me. Read more>>

Jessica Krantz

My passion for creation was an overwhelming obsession from a young age. I’m a self-taught artist essentially, with a degree in Graphic Design and Engineering. In my formative years, however, I explored mixed media on my grandmother’s kitchen table. Read more>>

Cala Page

I have always been surrounded by strong women who supported me and encouraged me to push myself, from my mother and grandmother to the wonderful friends I have made throughout the years. Recently I was inspired by a group of amazing, talented people in my life. Read more>>

Joseph DiAnna

I naturally pursued an education in 2D/3D animation, but have since fell in love with graphic design. Currently I work as a logo and brand identity designer making custom graphics, and I create pop culture inspired digital illustrations in my free time. Read more>>

Mia Dean, “The Miachine”

It took a long time to get to where I’m at, I currently manage a tattoo and piercing shop and do a lot of costume themed events as a hobby. I started out not having much direction with two art degrees- in sculpture, and one in fine arts and humanities. Read more>>

Edward (Ed) Douglas

During my adventures, I was always involved in Artistic endeavors, but never took them seriously until 2010 when I began focusing on making ceramic tile art pieces. I am now a “Ceramic Tile Pop Artist,” having created over 100 Tile Art Motifs. Read more>>

Dalia Cervantes Bonifaz

I have worked in the restaurant industry since I came to the states which have helped me hone my outgoing personality and develop my customer service skills making me the social Dragonfly, I am today 🙂 I love beer! Mostly, if it’s craft and it’s made locally because I love supporting small businesses run by passionate people who care. Read more>>

Jon Pucci

Before there were phones, game boys, or other electronic means of keeping children busy, my mother found the best way to keep me quiet and occupied was with a sketchbook and pencils. That is to say, I can’t remember when I began drawing or “making art,”. Read more>>

Sean Drews

For my 16th birthday, I got a Minolta Maxxum five and taught myself the fundamentals through the owner’s manual. I ended up going to college for photography and went on to work in a retail studio as an assistant. Fast forward, I moved to Long Beach, CA and am shooting full time. Read more>>

Nate “KnewBalance” Whitsell

My relationship with music was forever changed in 1989. Running through the hall of our Scripps Ranch home, listening to Q106 or Z90 through the home intercom when my parents weren’t paying attention, I froze in my tracks when De La Soul’s, “Me, Myself and I” came on. Read more>>

Tyler Albrektsen

Worked in various print shops learning fine art printing and offset printing. Returned home to SD to continue studying 3D modeling to become a toy designer. Recently engaged to Emily L. Gonzales during the Kaboo music Fest and were featured on FM100.7. Read more>>

Erica Noble

When I started doing calligraphy, I had no idea it would turn into something I could get paid to do and potentially do as a living. I have always had a passion for all things artistic and creative, but when I discovered lettering and calligraphy, I fell in love with it. Read more>>


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  1. San Diego Art Guy

    April 13, 2018 at 9:19 pm

    Great stories and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

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