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The San Diego Arts & Culture Weekly Review

Throughout history, societies and communities that embraced the arts often found themselves at the forefront of social and political change – decades ahead of those that have discouraged or diminished the role of the arts in their societies.  Our rich history of social and political progress is due in no small part to the active and courageous artistic community that calls Southern California home. We hope that by highlighting the rising stars of our local art community on a weekly basis, we can help increase our community’s engagement with local art and the artists that devote their life to moving society forward.


I began painting lips simply because that’s the thing the bristles composed when I first picked up a paint brush. The time I spent with lips in front of me always evoked thought that we all have a sui generis story. I spent years in love with the idea that the mouth has the ability to speak but also withhold what we aren’t willing to share. I began exploring other parts of the body, wondering why I’m so enthralled to capture different parts until one morning (this one) I sketched an entire face- putting together each element I spent so much intimate time with individually. If you care to look at someone, or yourself close enough, you’ll begin to find the creases of where a smile usually lies, or pain held behind a pair of eyes one tries to hide. Don’t get too close to me. I might see you. . . . . . . . . . #exposed #evoke #vulnerability #tellyourstory #sketch #facedrawing #lips #eyes #creative #makersmovement #makearteveryday #staedtler #drawing #lifeofanartist #create #youinspireme #details #lipart #handmade #localartist #love #process #soul #beneathyourbeautiful #life #art #feelings #visualsoflife #work #passion

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I drew these all….man, a few weeks back! I told @artbyjooki I would practice portraits! But after I finished them I was like….ok well these are gonna go into my folder of "work almost no one will ever see". Haha…I'm always unsure about character drawings! I guess it's cause I end up hating them after a while. After beating myself over for the past few weeks I finally gonna post them! Here they are! Right up there! Lots of my old characters finally drawn along with Feng from @nikkarooart ❤️ I refed a lot of photos in order to come up with the characters in my head… I had fun drawing these but I think I'll go back to drawing scenes in a bit! 😆 #originalcharacter #characterdesign #portrait #paintings #digitalpainting #ocart

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