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San Diego’s Most Inspiring Stories

The heart of our mission is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our communities. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some incredible artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the incredible group below. Check out our favorite stories from across the Voyage family.

Jasmine Montoya

My healing journey stemmed from a very toxic and abusive marriage. Many years ago, I made a conscious decision to dive headfirst into the rabbit hole of the spiritual healing community. As I began to heal myself and my ancestral lineage my mission became clear and all my pain healed into wisdom. Wisdom that needed to be shared with the world.  A decade later I find myself working with souls who are seeking a different path than the one we’ve been conditioned to follow. Those who have faced many challenges and trauma and are looking to evolve, grow, and break out of old toxic patterns. My modalities focus on the Eastern medicine approach. I use energy healing, sound alchemy, and my psychic abilities to hold the container for my clients to feel into the uncomfortability of their pain, release those energies, ground them back to love, and spiritually guide them through the healing journey. Read more>>

Jordan Toves

This question gives me flashbacks of when I was a kid riding my scooter down to the Spring Valley swap meet on Sundays. My cousins and I used to go down there and ask people if they needed help setting up their booth for a few bucks. When we finally got a couple people to say yes, we would go to a vendor who would sell candy bars, as any young kid would do. We would purchase about 10-15 at a time for something like $5 bucks back then. Instead of eating them, I would load my backpack up for school on Monday… and well, the rest was history. That’s how I started my journey as an entrepreneur. I had many businesses over the years, yet none really satisfied my crave. I was always in search of something else. However, I never really knew what it was. Read more>>

Anthony Walker

Finance Friday started as a video series focused on business, entrepreneurship, and investing that was inspired by my parents. They were business owners who raised me and my siblings to bet on ourselves in life and in business. When the pandemic started I lost my job and began studying the stock market. That is when I realized that a lot of the information being shared at the highest levels of business was already taught to me in my home by my parents. When I realized the value of the information they taught me, I decided to share that information with the public via social media. As people consumed the information and engaged with the content, I decided to start a clothing line that coincided with the principles we were sharing in the video series, and Finance Friday the clothing line was born. More recently I released a children’s book called “B is For Black Wealth” to extend this education from adults to children and their families. Read more>>

Heather Moyer

I am a serial entrepreneur dedicated to a paradigm shift in corporate America. I aim to turn the way we’ve thought about leading businesses on its head. At 19, I turned a corporate college internship into my first Executive role. From intern to President in six years, under my people-driven leadership approach I grew revenue more than 20X and $10 million in annual revenue. In that time, I learned the hard way to get what you have been promised in writing. Part of what I believed being the “good” employee in corporate America meant considering every single person but myself. When I went to the table to secure the equity I had been promised, the current CEO said, “not yet”. I had two choices: stay the “good” employee who’s well-liked or become a powerful leader dedicated to positively impacting lives – including my own. Read more>>

Cole Mackelprang

I’m originally from San Diego where my parents were stationed while my father was in the Navy. I was raised in San Diego, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Saint George, UT. My father was a commercial builder more than 15 years, so I understand construction and development from first-hand experience. I have worked for companies in almost every aspect of management to help them grow their businesses nationwide. I have managed sales and marketing teams for these companies to help them achieve and exceed financial growth beyond their expectations. I started working in management at the age of 17. I worked in different roles managing employees along the way. I was living in Los Angeles working for The Jim Henson Company when Disney acquired the company. I decided to make my exit, so I moved to the Bay Area. Read more>>

Cornelia Siem

After a number of years in corporate America, I knew that if I kept climbing the corporate ladder I would ultimately look back at my professional life with regret. I wanted to create something of my own, and I felt that having control over my own destiny (and responsibility for my livelihood) would motivate me to work hard and succeed. So, I struck out on my own as a real estate professional. I took a risk, and I’m glad I did, because now, as a real estate professional, I engage in meaningful client relationships every day, and I get to forge my own path and decide how far I want to go down that path. Read more>>

Lauren Cornell

I like to say my story has two beginnings; first, with birth, second, with a desire to heal.  My artistic side came on as a young child- drawing, painting, sculpting, dabbling in film photography as the years went on, and eventually finding my way to metalsmithing in college. My second beginning was one post-trauma in my late teens/early twenties- I was in a desperate search for grounding, connection, and healing my soul, and my creative self was able to carry me through to the other side. Thus- Think Unique was born. Think Unique is an intention and a manifestation I put into the world. The mission: Share an accessible path to alternative healing, help others overcome their hardest days through conscious manifestation, and bring the beauty of the natural world into the hands of my fellow human. Read more>>

Enrique Chiu

Mural de la Hermandad, I started the project 5 years ago, it started on the day of the elections, I was always looking for a big wall, to paint to make a mural. Once I saw the opportunity right in front of me, I had to take the chance and just go for it. At the beginning I thought it would only be a few days, I told people around me and published it on Facebook, the first day the neighbors of the community started to come by, with brushes and paint, suddenly we were around 50, then 100, I was amazed, and moved. Then every weekend for a year we were painting the wall, and the word started to spread, I think it was the people who made me keep going to the project, how It was slowly changing people’s perspective of “the wall”, It started to become a place where people took pictures, played, saw hope, and brotherhood, how people from different nations, that did not understand each other joined and worked together in this project. Read more>>

James Rao

I got started on my path during my junior year of high school when I took my first graphic design class and really learned about my love for digital art and expressing myself. Once I took my screen-printing class, I realized how much fun it is to make things with my hands. Once I got my first job I saved up and worked as much as I could so I can buy my first vinyl cutting machine and made my first Etsy shop. Since then, I learned how to do more and more stuff like shirts and buttons. During the time in quarantine, I used the time to learn more about photography and my graphic art as well and made so many new projects. There is so much to learn and so much to make and I’m excited to keep going! Read more>>

Kathryn Apostolina

My love and passion for health and fitness began at an early age. My mom taught me to swim before I could even walk! I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up, and my grandfather was an incredible influence on me. He not only taught me the importance of education and becoming financially fit, music, and the beautiful outdoors, but also the importance of health and wellness to living your best life. These lessons, and the discipline he instilled in me to achieve whatever goals I set my sights on, have stuck with me, and sustained me, through life’s ups and downs. Growing up in a small town there were not many options for sports – particularly for girls… Undeterred, at 4 years old I played Tee Ball with the boys. Then at age 7 I discovered softball, fell in love with the game, and went on to play competitively for 10 years. Read more>>

Valeria Rivera and Paulina Kaloyan

We grew up in Mexico where wafers are an all-time favorite snack for celebrations such as parties, fairs, and family Sundays at the park. When we moved to America, we noticed there were no wafers out there, so we founded Cromchies to bring the 61M of Hispanic families a taste of home and introduce everyone else to this fun and healthy snack! Our story started on a pandemic Sunday morning, Paulina and I were having a long talk about life. We were talking about how we did not want to work for a corporate company all our lives and a fun fact was that we were eating wafer cookies from our competitors of Mexico. We said “let’s think about what business can we start?” and then, we had a light bulb moment. We realized we needed to introduce these delicious wafer cookies to America because there is nothing similar in the market. At that specific moment, we started to look for suppliers, machinery, names for the company, and all at once. Since the idea came up, we have never stopped moving forward with Cromchies. Read more>>

Monteé Stowes

I’ve been a filmmaker for 15 years, and a photographer for about 11 years. In early 2020, while I was deployed and quite literally in the middle of the sea, I decided to start my business, Kiss The Sky Media Group LLC (KTSMG). KTSMG wasn’t actually born from my filmmaking nor my photography; unexpectedly, it was born from a short-lived podcast I wrote and produced called “The Unconditional Light.” My life had for some time taken me away from being creative and inspired, especially after I joined the military. But in 2018 my then-partner (recent psychology graduate student) and I would discuss heavy topics in a way that we felt were vulnerable and could accessible to others. We decided to record these conversations as a podcast, ending each episode with hope and positivity. We recorded 24 episodes in total, and after that relationship ended, I realized I wanted to get back to being creative as much as possible. Read more>> 

Scot Taber

I’ve been a professional guitarist since I was a teenager when I started performing for flamenco dancers in the Spanish dance company “Danzas Españolas“ in El Paso, Texas in the early 90s. I continued performing and teaching after relocating to San Diego in 2000. Shortly after arriving in San Diego, I ventured to start my dream of opening a music lessons studio, and my company Paper Moon Music has been growing steadily ever since. We started out in Ocean Beach on Santa Monica Ave. near the water, and in 2008 relocated to Loma Portal on Voltaire Street as our teaching programs continued to expand. I’m still a professional performing guitarist as well as teacher and we have over 12 instructors at our studio offering lessons ranging from piano and guitar to banjo, ukulele, voice, and more. Read more>>

Zee Field

I grew up in Paris, France. I am the youngest of 9, 4 girls and 5 boys. Our mother used to make all our clothing as she had been a couturiere (seamstress), and she taught us how to knit, make patterns, sew, and cook some amazing home-cooked French cuisine. My journey into the world of fashion began back when I was a teenager playing guitar and singing at local nightclubs and cabarets in Paris, such as Le Pied de la Butte – which means “the foot of the hill.” It was literally at the foot of the hill of Montmartre, where the famous Moulin Rouge is located. I would do odd jobs like being a magician’s assistant, or occasionally a couturiere (seamstress) or photographer. I was basically doing anything that other people would not do for such little money. Read more>>

Kev Baker

Launched in early 2021, Financial Haus was the idea and dream for husbands Andrew & Kev Baker who wanted to offer financial planning services to more of their friends and family. Their intention was to create a welcoming space for people who could benefit from financial planning, but who may not be expressly included at some other firms. The first Financial Haus Studio was opened in July 2021 in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego, California where it played host to a number of financial education sessions for businesses and community members. As well as diverse social events celebrating the local community and local small businesses. Just in that first year, the Financial Haus team grew to 15 advisors who helped more than 380 clients below the age of 40. Read more>>

Betsabe Roman

I started doing makeup when I was about 15 years old, I would get up 2 hours earlier just to get ready for school. I always liked the artistic side of it, matching and mixing colors, perfecting strokes with the brushes, etc. I did not follow it as a career because I decided to go into education and research; however, most of my friends would ask me to do their makeup for them, I did a few weddings and quinceaneras from friends and family and I always wanted to do it more. I took professional classes in 2013 while doing my Ph.D., I remember I would enjoy going to makeup and hair classes more than writing my thesis, but, unfortunately, in Mexico, being a MUAH artist is not seen as a profitable business. It was not until last year, 2021, that I quit my full-time job to stay at home and spend more time with family that I decided to give Makeup and Hairstyling another chance. Read more>>

Lawrence Landau

In 2015 we were interested in purchasing a 3D printer or a laser cutter/engraver to expand on product requests for my wife’s paper wedding place card orders. We decided to go with a laser cutter/engraver because it was a better-diversified machine. We used it to test products for proof on concepts. From some left-over wood scraps, I decided to list them on Etsy as Lightning Laser Cuts in 2016. From there we kept getting requests to make other wood shapes and sizes. I was able to quit my full-time job in 2017 to become my own boss and work from home and have never looked back. In 2018 we were fortunate enough to upgrade our equipment to a full production laser cutter/engraver. With year over year growth and success, we have continued to grow the business. Read more>>

LaChyna CarterWalker

As a young girl, I was always so fascinated with the world of beauty! I remember seeing the beautiful women on magazine covers or on tv, and I would point and say to my mom “I wanna be like her!” As I got older, I would watch hair/makeup tutorials on youtube and try to recreate some of the looks. I would try my hardest to get the makeup looks right but I just didn’t have the magic for it. But whether my makeup came out decent that day or I looked like I dipped my face in a bowl of melted crayons, I always made sure my hair was on point. I couldn’t look tore up from the floor up, it had to be one or the other. My love for hair just sorta grew from there. I went to a technical trade high school where cosmetology happened to be offered. I wanted to pick up cosmetology as a trade so so bad, but at the time my family couldn’t afford the cost of the kit I would need. So instead, I took up culinary arts. Even then, I still would carry a compact mirror to sneak peeks at my hair throughout the day. My hair was my thing. Read more>>

Raea Gragg

My name is Raea Gragg and I am a graphic novelist, author, and illustrator. I’ve been writing and drawing books for over ten years now and love creating new stories that have an impact. Surprisingly, my journey to becoming an author started with my hate for reading. Growing up, I struggled with two learning disabilities: dyslexia and convergence insufficiency, (fancy words for intense double vision and blurriness). These created the perfect recipe for me to become an avid reluctant reader. However, that changed when I made a discovery in middle school – comic books and graphic novels and for the first time in my life I was able to read a book, cover to cover, all on my own. This launched a new obsession with the world of storytelling and drawing. Read more>>

Lars Helgeson

GreenRope began as an idea back in 2000, before the concepts of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) had become mainstream. Our original product was called CoolerEmail, and it was focused on email newsletters and marketing. The business partner I had at the time and I worked out of our apartments and built that company up from scratch. Around 2008, I started building the next-generation platform, which had CRM as the core. We had learned that the biggest problems businesses faced was with centralizing how they operate. Sales, marketing, customer service, and account managers all were used to working in different systems, and those systems never shared information efficiently. The vision was to build a “Complete CRM”, one where a true team-based environment could be created. Sales, marketing, and operations could share and access data easily, and automation would help those businesses scale. Read more>>

Akina Clark

My journey started off with my own self-esteem issues. I never felt pretty in my own skin. I was 98 pounds at the age of 22. Fitting in kid’s clothes, not able to wear anything that made me feel beautiful, let alone comfortable. I started to think how many other girls and women are feeling like me? Being told they’re too small or too big for something? Looking in the mirror and not feeling good enough because of the standards society hold of what beautiful and sexy are. I wanted that feeling I had to stop right then and there. So, I decided to put my foot down and step waaaayyyy out of my comfort zone and make a difference. What’s the ultimate sexy? Lingerie. Read more>>

Stephanie Maine

Back in the day, I was a professional Snowboarder, bouncing around between Utah, Colorado, and Oregon. I injured my about 10 years ago and eventually retired about 3 years later, I was looking to give my hip as much time as possible before I had to replace it. I lived with pain for 8 years and during that time, we moved to San Diego, I became a realtor and found F45 as a part-time coach while I built my Real Estate business. I fell more in love with F45 and I believe it was the reason I was able to keep strong and healthy long enough to push off the surgery for a new hip. I have my own F45 success story, I believed in the training and the community wholeheartedly and I knew this was what I wanted to do for our community in Encinitas. Despite Covid, we opened another location in Oceanside near the pier and made it through some challenging times, but I’m convinced without our people and the bonds we created we wouldn’t have made it and I’m forever grateful to our members. Read more>>

Amaya J

I’m originally from St. Louis Missouri. As a child, I always had aspirations to move to LA to become a singer after my mother took me to my first movie theater experience to see the premiere of “Dreamgirls”. From the moment I saw Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson I knew that it was my destiny to be up on the screen. My mom started to notice that I had a talent for entertainment and she instantly would put me in voice lessons, cheerleading, and anything else that would help me get out of my shell. In high school, I started to break out of my shyness by being involved in choir. I owe my choir teacher ” Dr, Woodiel” for helping become more confident in my talents by pushing me to participate in state competitions and auditioning for musicals at school. When it came time for me to apply for college, I had the opportunity to audition for my first-choice college for the musical theater program (The American Musical and Dramatic Academy Los Angeles). Read more>>

Charlotte LaRue Mazey

It’s actually kinda a funny story. I’ve always been the “I can do it myself” girl lol. I was living in San Fransisco, I had been attending the Academy of Art University studying graphic design and interior design. I had massive burnout from going to a college prepatory high school in Tucson, AZ and I was just looking for my path. I decided to take some time off to breathe and figure out what on earth I was going to do with the rest of my life. I lasted about three months and then was dying of boredom lol. So, I decided to go to the city college of San Fransisco in Daily City and take some fashion classes. I didn’t care which ones I just knew I needed to do something with fashion and design and all that was left for the upcoming semester was image consulting. Turns out image consulting was pretty cool and lead me to a bunch of fashion styling jobs. Being around industry people and doing the things I loved was great! Read more>>

Miriam Morales

My business officially started during the summer of the pandemic 2020, as soon as restrictions and the city allowed for small family groups and couples to picnic at local parks and beaches. I’m a professional photographer, and like many others, during the pandemic, I was furloughed and wasn’t working. I have experience in working in events and photographing them, styling photo sessions for clients and styling a location for a proposal as well. From there I got the idea to offer unique experiences and picnics in a stylish way, much like English did when the upper class will visit the parks. Restaurants were closed, and many other things, people wanted a safe way to celebrate special milestones, or propose, and I wanted to facilitate that for them. Read more>>

Sharla Fagan

I am a hairstylist of almost 30 years. I was lucky to know what career I wanted at the age of 17. Throughout the years, I experienced how the industry influenced others on fashion and trends but not a lot about self-care on the inside along with the outside. I myself didn’t realize how important it was until I became a single mom and running a business. I was too busy taking care of others and not having enough energy taking time for myself. My stress level was high and my finances were unsteady. Instead of taking time for me to balance myself and my life, I gave time to unhealthy friendships and relationships. I was spending my extra time with people that energetically were pulling me down instead of lifting me up. They loved my positivity and light but I eventually realized that I wasn’t receiving that back. Read more>>

Lisa Kuntze

I started out my Entrepreneurial journey after a social media internship in college. I realized the skills I learned were needed by local businesses and began to offer social media management and marketing for local businesses. ECommerce was booming. I realized quickly if I had my own ECommerce business, I now had the skills to be successful with it. I opened my first Dropshipping brand and quickly scaled exponentially, growing a small team and a lean online startup. I loved having the flexibility to travel often with my family and still have the opportunity to work remotely. Digital nomad is my dream retirement plan. Soon I realized high ticket items would have greater profit margins, so I launched two high ticket dropshipping websites, as well. These did very well, too. I wanted to share this business model with other Mothers who desired the time flexible work from home lifestyle, so I built a Mompreneur Mentor course and brand. Read more>>

Janine St. Denis

My background is really in Advertising and Marketing, that’s how it all started. I was born just south of Munich, Germany, but left my home early to finish high school and then study at Bond University in Australia. I went to study deep into Commerce and Psychology and found my passion in a space that combined analytical thinking about macro- and microeconomic trends with how a person’s or nation’s mind works, what attracts customers to brands, and how to set up a brand for optimum success in order to scale and eventually achieve multiples for various potential exit scenarios. I then went on to study Advertising Design and eventually received my Executive MBA from the University of Miami. Throughout my college years, I was an integral part of a small advertising agency, which we then sold in my early 20’s to then start my “post college” life with a large Branding Agency, based in Miami, NYC, and Buenos Aires. Read more>>

Chris Herren

As a young boy, I had always been intrigued by the art of magic. However, it wasn’t until age 7 where I would see an old documentary on Harry Houdini, which really sparked my imagination. What I saw at that age was a regular person doing magical and impossible things. I thought to myself, “I want to do that!”. From then on, I was completely hooked to the art of magic. However, it wasn’t until my late thirties where I would be inspired to perform magic on stage. I guess inspiration comes to us at different times. For myself, I had been diagnosed with cancer at age 35, and that experience really changed my life. I knew if I had survived it, then I certainly wouldn’t waste my second chance. During chemotherapy, I would write down stories about a character that I now call “Faust”. Faust was inspired by my experience with cancer. Read more>>

Maria Muhammad

How I got started in the sustainability space is such a loaded question. It started for me before I was born, as with many of us. My daddy was raised on the land, and my mother’s family, is just 2 generations off the land, so, being in tune or having a heavy inclination toward nature, the outdoors, and the land is a part of my DNA. Growing up in the city and visiting our family’s land during the summers throughout my youth, drinking from springs because the tap water was too dangerous to drink. Running in fields all hours of the night to catch fireflies. Watching all the aunts and uncles bring that country living to the city with backyard gardens, fire pits roasting whole hogs, making ice cream from scratch, using cellars as refrigeration because you are accustomed to growing up with no electricity or indoor plumbing, yeah, it’s in my blood. Read more>>

Nathan Packard

My brother, Alex, and I bought Canvas Services in May 2021 after it had been in business since 1978. We build and repair custom marine and outdoor canvas and upholstery products (e.g., boat covers, sail covers, awnings, furniture covers, boat, and home cushions). Alex has worked in the industry for several years, and I have a background in tech and nonprofit. Since taking over the business, we have hired two employees, grown our monthly sales, and are excited about expanding our service area and products. Read more>>

Kyzo Jefferson

I’ve only recently realized that I have been on this journey. Journey of becoming an artist. Being an artist was never a huge plan of mine. At a young age, I knew I could draw and I would be drawing for the rest of my life. Regardless of becoming a “well-known artist”. I was going to do it forever because it was therapeutic. It felt good to release how I felt without saying a word and feeling relieved after I created. Looking at my journey now, it was everyone around me realizing my potential and how much it meant for me to draw every day. They supported my aspirations with little whispers of encouragement by letting me be my genuine self. I got here with opportunities from around the world to hone on to new skills and amplify my craft. Read more>>

Shawn and Leah Hughes

Both of us being born and raised in San Diego, the culture and lifestyle is engraved in us. Surfing, Snowboarding, skateboarding, Desert, and River activities have just been a part of our life. It’s a casual but cool vibe that not many places have. Shawn and I both have known each other since we were 16 years old. Married at 25 and later having 2 little boys. Shawn has grown up surfing and skating and it has always been a bit of a pipe dream staring a clothing company. Specifically, him and his best friend dreamt up the idea of Electric Church while shaping surfboards in a tiny shack on Shawn’s grandma’s property in Jamul. At 21 Shawn started his venture in linework with SDG&E. I’ve been a hairstylist since I graduated high school so art and creativity has always been in my blood. Read more>>

Mallori Jalaie

I’m originally from San Diego County (Vista specifically) and never found a shortage of things to do here. When I moved to Seattle in 2019, I realized I needed an indoor activity to keep me occupied because it is so dang cold and rainy there. I had taken ceramics classes here and there throughout my life – I went to an arts magnet school and did a few community college classes – but never kept up with it consistently. I found a community studio is Seattle and instantly was hooked. If you know anything about ceramics, you know that when you start making you accumulate a TON of stuff… I’m definitely a minimalist so after gifting a bunch of pieces to friends and family I needed to make the decision if I was going to continue making or stop. I COULD NOT STOP… and Saffron Ceramics was born. Read more>>

Amelia Rose

Drunk Confections was born when I was trying to find a way to spread joy without spreading COVID. It started with me dropping off a different alcoholic dessert on friends’ doorsteps every weekend. After a while, I posted to a couple FB groups thinking we all needed a little something sweet and fun to look forward to. It exploded. The time I used to spend socializing was suddenly spent baking: one arm elbow-deep in chocolate cake, the other holding a bottle of liquor. They’re already dancing a jig in my stomach, so why not combine them? I was a Lit major in college, so I started adding a newsletter/blah blah blag to each week’s email. I’ve Marie Kondo’d the shit out of this pandemic… Can I swear on here? I’m gonna swear on here. Read more>>

Michelle Esperon Santos

Michelle is a Licensed Holistic Esthetician & Certified Reiki Master Practitioner. She specializes in the Nurturing of Mind, Skin, and Soul. Combining a positive mindset, sacred skin rituals, reconstructive facelifting massage, reiki energy, and sound healing, she invites you into Sacred Skin San Diego where you are welcome to come as you are and receive. Michelle Esperon Santos was born and raised in San Diego, California. She received her BA in Liberal Studies at Cal State Fullerton in 2007 which led her to working at Sunset View Elementary for 15 years. In 2012, she also began a path into the Healing Arts studying under her older sister, Melanie Esperon, Founder of Reiki Room San Diego. They eventually collaborated in the offering of various events for Kids to include: meditation, reiki energy, and crystal healing. Read more>>

Preston Swirnoff

I remember hearing spontaneous music in my head when I was 3 years old and I guess it hasn’t stopped since. I began with classical training on the piano and singing Hebrew prayers in my synagogue as a young child, which turned into discovering punk rock, free jazz, and experimental music as a teenager. I had no idea that I’d go on to spend most of my life continuing to make music, release records, perform, and compose. I started playing in bands in my late teens and 20’s, and spent years putting out records, touring internationally, and entering the studio world of engineering, mixing, and production. I eventually realized that leaving the band world and exploring music more deeply in a personal way was my path forward. Read more>>

Kat Furtado

I love talking about my start as an artist because it’s so unconventional. I’m a health professional (a Speech-Language Pathologist) and I had a fabulous career before I had my kids. I love Speech Therapy and am still licensed and certified so that if I ever want to go back, I can. Still, in the early days of parenting my two kids, I realized I needed an outlet for my creative energy. I needed a space in my life for something meaningful–just for me. As soon as I began painting, I knew I was on the right path. And that’s really how I started creating art. In about 2018, I began painting regularly and my business opened in 2019. I’ve been a full-time contemporary abstract artist ever since, and I sell my work. Read more>>

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