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San Diego’s Most Talked-About Street Food

Food trucks can help turn an ordinary afternoon into an extraordinary one. Below we’ve listed some of San Diego’s most hotly sought after street food.

1. Devilicious

Phone: (951) 514-6332
Yelp: 4 stars with 300+ reviews

  • We highly recommend their Truffle Fries
  • You can always track the truck on their website – so you’ll always know exactly where to get your Devilicious fix when you need it

2. Mariscos Mi Gusto Es

Big thanks to Dave Laborde

Phone: (619) 931-9790
Yelp: 5 stars with 100+ reviews

  • Great tacos for as low as a buck-fiddy for when you find yourself at or near by San Diego City College
  • Tons of salsa and sauce options to flavor bomb your tacos

3. Joes on the Nose

Phone: (858) 373-8001
Yelp: 4.5 stars with 100+ reviews

Feeling tired and need of some covefefe coffee? Head over to Joes on the Nose for some solid organic coffee

  • The Orange Truck first rolled out onto the streets of San Diego in May, 2007- making it the first of the “Gourmet” Food Trucks in California.
  • We are fans of the Aloha Latte


4. Tacos La Mezcla

Phone: (619) 889-1337
Yelp: 5 stars with 100+ reviews

Francisco, the owner, is the man.  Awesome guy serving up some killer tacos.  The vegetarian options are solid and make taco days guilt free.


5. Sweet Treats Ice Cream Truck

Phone: (858) 603-8965
Yelp: 4 stars with 30+ reviews

Sweet Treats is a family owned business that is dedicated to serving the community of San Diego since 2008. Sweet Treats Truck, Inc is a certified Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) by the City of San Diego and is the only Food Truck in San Diego with that certification.

  • They have served up ice cream to the incredible people at Nickelodeon in addition to a ton of other awesome folks including Disney Studios, Sony Playstation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, DC Shoes, United States Navy, Qualcomm and many more…talk about a high profile ice cream fanbase 🙂


6. Green Truck

Phone: (310) 204-0477
Yelp: 4 stars with 60+ reviews

This truck is AMAZING.

They serve amazing food and help take care of our planet at the same time by runnin’ on veggie (their used vegetable oil is used to power their food truck the next day), Use solar power to for the commissary kitchen, etc. #ecofriendly

  • Fresh and organic fare with lots of vegan options
  • The Mother Trucker Vegan Burger and Sweet Potato Fries are a knockout combo. And the beet sauce…no words!!

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