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TB South San Diego 04.10.2018

Joanna Camargo

I started doing hair 8 years ago. I specialized in hair color and styling, Later on, I picked up makeup and added bridal services. I decided to attend makeup school earlier last year to further my education. There, I grew so much in a course of 4 months. I landed my first magazine publication, worked for local TV stations, got into San Diego Fashion Week and won a competition at Bellus Academy (former school) for creative makeup. Read more>>

Jessica Samaniego

My love for makeup started at the young age of 4 years old. My childhood best friend and I would dig into her mother’s makeup bag to see what amazing treasures we could find. I loved the feel of her makeup brushes on my face and seeing the bright colors on my lips and cheeks. And from there the love just grew. Read more>>

Reyna Sandoval

I have been doing nails for 3 years as a professional now. When I was 14 years old, my mom decided I needed a hobby, so she signed me up for a course in the Tijuana, MX. I would go every Saturday for 4 hours and learn how to apply acrylic nails and different nail art methods. Read more>>

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