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One of the most important benefits of a thriving small business ecosystem is the myriad of problems and niche issues that can be addressed with dedication and creativity that is almost impossible if the marketplace was only comprise of giant, corporate behemoths.

Our problem solvers series aims to highlight those incredible entrepreneurs and creatives who are solving important problems using their creativity and ingenuity.

Catalina Andrade | Whole Bella

Problem: Working moms are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. Trying to balance work and family can leave a mom burned out.

Solution: I’m here to support moms relax in a demanding world with natural stress relief. Meditation is known to clear the mind and relax the body, but working moms don’t have the time to spend 30 minutes on daily meditations. Moms can now unclear their minds and relax their bodies with the Blissful Minute meditation method. If you’re a mom interested in learning how to meditate and love using natural products such as essential oils, then the Blissful Minute meditation is for you.

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  • Moms who want to banish burnout and overcome overwhelm can learn more about my services at or email me at

Adam Villalobos | Train and Massage

Problem: There are 2 main problems we address at Train and Massage. The first is relieving chronic pain that keeps returning, even after treatments. The second is fixing posture faster than most people thought possible.

Solution: The way we solve pain issues within the body is through a combination of sports massage and stretching. This helps the body to not only release the tight muscles creating the pain, but also drastically increase their flexibility as well. Pros – improved Range of motion and flexibility – feeling loose without tight muscles Cons – Might be a little painful Our Sports Massage Therapy is perfect for anyone who has tight muscles, wants to relieve pain or increase their flexibility. We help improve our client’s posture faster than most by combining several therapies into one. Because our posture is created by a combination of tight muscles and weak muscles, we combine sports massage and training to give you the best of both worlds for a stronger posture that lasts a lifetime. Pros – Only place to get this kind of posture correction therapy – Feel and see a difference in just a few sessions Cons – Cost a little more Our posture correction therapy is perfect for anyone who has tried to fix their posture the traditional way and failed to get results.

Learn more:

  • You can head over to to get started or learn more. I also have online programs for posture and pain at

Samantha Hua | Happy Food

Image credit: Shawn Lanham

Problem: Happy Food helps people lose weight and eat better. I specialize in working with the brain to resolve the problem. For example, those who are really hard on themselves, extra sensitive, or emotionally stuck.

Solution: I help people rewire their brain towards food, life, and themselves. The cons is this is not a quick fix diet where you see fast weight loss. The pro is you build habits that stick and you learn to catch yourself before self-sabotaging. The right person is someone who’s open to learning and changing.

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Vinnie Enriquez | The Enriquez Group

Problem: Most Real Estate companies about selling their client on why they should buy or why they. Sell, sell, sell.

Solution: Most people have a real estate goals and we feel that at the Enriquez Group its our purpose to find out our clients goals, show them what’s possible and help build a road map to their real estate goals. We lead them forward instead of pushing them forward.

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Mackenzie Belcastro | Writer / Wellness Coach

Problem: When we embark on our sacred calling, it is easy to get overwhelmed, to wonder if we’re doing “the right thing,” and, in the process, it is common to wind up feeling lost and alone.

Solution: I create sacred circles for women looking to explore their inner landscape in community, so they can, ultimately, integrate their souls’ calling and live a deeply authentic life.

Learn more: 

  • They can email me directly at Or, they can DM me on Instagram @mackbelcastro

Junior Leoso | Optyo

Problem: Our business is literally a problem solving business. We help inventors take their ideas from their heads, to the market. We solve each and every problem one by one, until their product or service is ready to go! Blurb from our site: As an Inventor, how great would it feel removing those handcuffs that are limiting you from truly growing? Tired of those growing pains and wearing too many hats, which eventually stall growth and productivity? These major pain points affect every Inventor and Creator, regardless of what stage they are at, and now theres a solution to completely pivot away from those pitfalls and major obstacles, and that solution is OPTYO. OPTYO’s mission is to act a Product Ecosystem, providing Inventors all the tools and resources to dramatically scale their products in the digital marketplace. We’ve spent years developing relationships and partnerships with those critical entities in the product space and as a result have formed an all-in-one ecosystem for our clients – OPTYO’s partners include Product Developers, International Manufacturing Representatives, IP and Patent Attorneys, Crowdfunding Experts, a Digital Production Team, and Order Fulfillment and Distribution professionals. We have worked with Inventors and Products from the early stages of Ideation, all the way to stages of Acquisition – these experiences fostered the development and growth of our two main programs, OPTYO’s Incubator and Accelerator.”

Solution: Over the years we have joined forces with all the necessary solutions in the business world. IF the business needs capital, and it’s truly holding up their business from moving forward… we go and use our contacts and connections to raise the necessary funds to make it happen.

Learn more: 

  • the easiest way now, is to email me directly. My email is

Ryen Toft | Simply Luxe

Problem: Moving concierge help-packing or unpacking, organizing any space, helping to declutter or edit a space and help downsizing.

Solution: Our client that’s usually the best fit is hands off trusting us to help do our magic. We bring any baskets or bins needs for containing and come full prepared to transform a space. I have seven employees so no space is too big.

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Rich Rudzinski | Tragic Media

Problem: We help our clients solve all of their technical challenges. For our larger clients we help solve all of their technical challenges as they grow, from advanced ecommerce integrations to cloud architecture to website optimization. For startups we help them strategically take their idea from conception to reality.

Solution: Because we help businesses of all shapes and sizes, we have a very holistic approach to our solutions. We build our services around the specific needs of our clients, from one-off custom software projects to long-term technical leadership. Our services are a great fit for growing companies that use software or web technology but do not have their own technical team. Or for startups that want to focus on their idea and go-to-market and do not want to have to build their own software team.

Learn more: 

  • Contact us via our website for best results. We can also be reached through LinkedIn.

Lisa Nicholson | Balboa Park Holistic Wellness Center

Image credit: Lisa Nicholson

Problem: Newly diagnosed cancer patients are overwhelmed with life or death choices which need to be made relatively quickly, typically while they’re in a state of shock and panic. These same patients often face physical and emotional challenges even after making these decisions, while they undergo treatment with difficult side effects.

Solution: We provide supportive acupuncture treatment for people who are going through cancer treatment. We help to ease the stress and panic which follows a diagnosis. We talk to our patients in clear language so they are better able to understand their treatment choices and the side effects they are likely to experience. We provide acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, cannabis health coaching, and can recommend herbs/supplements to support wellbeing during all phases of treatment. Acupuncture can relieve post-surgical pain, soothe common chemo side effects like nausea and neuropathy, and even reduce some of the fatigue associated with radiation treatment. We also provide supportive treatment for caregivers who also need a safe place to unwind and de-stress. In fact, we often treat patients and their caretakers at the same time making our services convenient for everyone! Our services are the right choice for anyone going through cancer treatment who is looking for supportive care in conjunction with what is recommended by their medical team.

Learn more: 

  • The best way to get in touch is to call or text our clinic at (619)772-4002.
  • Second best is to email Lisa at

Paula Sturm | Radically Nourished

Image credit: Katrina Marie Photography

Problem: I help women overcome the challenges of autoimmune conditions through looking deep at root causes with functional medical testing and comprehensive assessments. We work together to optimize their diet, address toxic burden, support hormone balance, address imbalances in the gut, and work through mind-energy issues that may be holding them in a pattern of illness.

Solution: Being a functional medical dietitian I have a strong interest at getting to the bottom of where a condition started and address it. First there is a comprehensive assessment process where we dive into a person’s history and uncover all the areas that could have preceded the onset of their issues. Then oftentimes we continue on to use different functional medical testing such as, genomics testing, hormone testing, gut testing, micronutrient testing, or toxic burden tests to see where potential imbalances are. In addition to addressing the physical aspect of health, we look into any mindset or energetic reasons that are keeping them in the cycle of illness, since certain belief systems and past experiences can imprint in the subconscious mind leading to repeats of old patterns which keep them stuck in situations they desperately want to get out of.

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Mary and Heather Yoga Your Way | Yoga Your Way

Image credit: Laura MacKay

Problem: Getting healthy and fit. People are unique and every body is different it is not one size fits all so how do you allow and enable people to become fit and healthy.

Solution: Yoga Your Way has developed a unique online platform that is tailored to each individual and each body. We made the planform very affordable so people could enjoy healthy living.

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