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San Diego is a cultural powerhouse – from photography and watercolor to opera and ballet – culture finds a welcoming and supportive home in Southern California. The SD collection highlights some of our favorites –from art that makes you think and poetry that makes you cry to photography that captures a timeless emotion.


Yoncé all up on your grill, lil' boy…

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2017 was full of many obstacles but also many successes. Here are some of my fave work related doings & learnings from this year: . . . 1) sharing my passions with my local community and involving others, regardless of age, gender, background. . . 2) breaking in a new studio space with these two badass boss gals who inspire me 👯‍♀️ . . 3) getting to do my first mural across country — snow! Hoping to expand murals near and far in the new year 😉. . . 4) operating a lift for the first time ✂️🆙🔼 . . 5) getting more hands on. 🤲🏽 6) interaction— thank you to every hand that has helped me on murals in the last year. . . 7) COLOR 🎨✨🌈. . . 8) completing live murals during events — I averaged one mural a month this year 🎊. . . 9) nailing a concept — the push ain’t always easy 😭😅. . . 10) spilling paint for the first time — failing/making mistakes/Never NOT learning! 🤗🎨🙏🏼💖 cheers to all your guys’ successes this year! Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store. 🍾💃🏼 . . . . #murals #sandiego #sdmural #sdmurals #sdmuralartist #internationalmuralist #bestof2017 #mybest2017 #californiaadventure #californiamurals #readytolearn2018 #sandiegomurals #explorenorthpark #northpark #artelexia #plnu #alwayshandpaint #agencylife #not #iworkformyself #signpainter #thankyou2017 #goodbye2017

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Get your @old_harbor hoodies while you can!

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iPhone and some natty light with the #goodmooddude 👌

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Day 24 #stradaeasel 🚢 The boat started sneaking off before I was done. 😤

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