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What’s the Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

All of us are where we are today partly because of our own efforts and partly because of the advice, guidance, influence and inspiration provided by others.  At Voyage we have the good fortune of connecting with so many of the city’s hidden gems – from entrepreneurs and creatives to athletes, researchers and more.  We asked them a simple, but important question: what is the best advice, personal or professional, that you’ve ever received?

Jennifer P. Amos | Entrepreneur & Small Business Consultant

The best advice I’ve ever received is the Bible Verse Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 which describes how there is a time for everything. I interpret it as this: everything we do, no matter how big or small, has a purpose. Whether that purpose is clear or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that you matter and to have faith that everything you are doing, especially right now, contributes to a greater purpose.

Daniel Ramirez – Rnb Artist, Entrepreneur and Businessman

The best advice I received this month was from Singer/Songwriter/Producer Wyclef Jean to always “bend the rules” as an Artist & Producer.  

Lashes By TeeLee – Personal Lash Stylist & Licensed Cosmetologist

If you can dream it you can achieve it. Whether that dream is starting your own business , using your creative talents, or creating a life filled with joy , go after it ! There may be challenges and setbacks along your journey , but embrace them, learn from them , they will only help you grow and bring you closer to your goals.  No matter what don’t settle for mediocrity, you were made for something so much greater. I’m a living testimony of that. You got this ! ♥️


Brushed Hair Studio in Carlsbad, CA

And the best advice is to hustle hard, have grace in your heart and fire in your soul.

Tamara Jacko – Style Blogger

The best advice I have ever received:
1. Everyone has their own path and purpose…focus on your own and avoid comparing yourself to others
2. Follow your heart and intuition, and don’t be afraid to fail – it is necessary for success in life.

Aayush Swamy-Cinematographer/Digital Artist

Best advice I’ve received is everything happens for a reason. Things will always happen but it’s for the better and something new is on its way in due time for when you’re ready. Life is hard but it works out in the end.

Gretchen Kamp – Branding Specialist & Designer

The best business advice I’ve ever received is to find a niche and focus specifically on that audience. When you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.

Jennifer P. Amos – Entrepreneur & Small Business Consultant

The best advice I’ve ever received is the Bible Verse Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 which describes how there is a time for everything. I interpret it as this: everything we do, no matter how big or small, has a purpose. Whether that purpose is clear or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that you matter and to have faith that everything you are doing contributes to a greater purpose.

Emmanuel Bonds | Co founder of San Diego Photo Squad

Best advice I’ve received was ” To think is to create. If you can visualize it, you can make it happen.”

Amanda SanMartin- Local event photographer, pastry chef and entrepreneur

“You’re never too important to be nice to people.”

Facebook: Amanda SanMartin Photography
Facebook: A Piece A Cake Events

Jarvis Leverson is the Morning Hero!

You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.  Look at your surroundings and ask “who is bringing my average up, and who is dragging my average down?!”  When you surround yourself with better people, better things will happen in your life.  I build the Accelerated Growth Club to help people find their #tribe.  We host free monthly meet ups designed for people who are hungry for personal growth and development.  These are the people reading books and working on themselves every day.  These are the people that will Accelerated Your Growth!

Shawn Tiberio – Business Results Coach & TV Show Host – Entrepreneurs Unleashed

Never sit still.  Always challenge yourself and go where it’s uncomfortable.

Melisa Celikel is an NLP-Certified Business Organization Consultant and CEO of Let’s Get You Organized!

The best advice I’ve received is that entrepreneurship is a long game. Building a business is an ever-evolving process. Nothing will ever be perfect and there’s no “winning” in entrepreneurship. It’s a constant evolution of personal growth, creative ideas, trials and tribulations. Sustainable businesses don’t get built overnight- it’s a journey!


Tianna Curatalo: Digitally Creative Entrepreneur

The best advice is one I have given myself and to many others I have mentored over the years: “Be consistent and persistent and you WILL succeed.”


Marci Monique- Colorist & Stylist

Crafted Hair by Marci Monique

The best advice I have ever received is that it is never too late to start doing what you love. After 3 years of not being able to attend beauty school, I finally started in 2015. Almost four years later, I am an independent stylist ready to take on whatever the industry has to offer!

Sophie Stephens- Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, & Salon Manager

I think some of the best career advice I’ve received was to put a lot of focus on building relationships with people. It seems small, or not really advice maybe, but it has made the biggest impact on how I do my job. To really shift my focus to building a personal connection with each client, has given me such a huge sense of fulfillment and purpose. And really, without my clients I wouldn’t get to have this wonderful career, so why wouldn’t you want the whole point of the job, to be them?


Heather Hargett Hair Stylist/ Color specialist

“Today I have the power to change my story”. Be the change. If something isn’t serving a beneficial purpose in your life, release it. Whether it’s personal or professional. You are in control of your own destiny.


Parlour 17- Sustainable Hair Salon specializing in Blonding and Balayage

That’s a hard one, I get a lot of advice from lots of people. But I think the best advice I’ve received recently is “Never take directions from people who’ve never been where you’re going”

Autumn Morris – Premier San Diego Hairstylist, salon owner of Glamlocks Hair Lounge. Creator and educator of GlamLocks Beaded, Sewn-In Extensions

Photo by Autumn Morris Hair color, cut and style by Autumn Morris

My Grandmother has always given me the best advice and today what stands out the most is how she’s always told me to remember that no amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future! Be humble and teachable and ALWAYS keep learning!

Twitter: GlamLocks HairLounge

Ken Conklin – Marketing Consultant, founder of Gravel to Castle Accelerator

In the song Rush Hour” by Mac Miller, I was told that “the more you do, the less you wait.” Ever since hearing that lyric at age 18, I have lived by that motto to the fullest extent. Now I am 21 doing what I believe is some pretty exciting stuff.

Stephanie Teli – YouTuber/Social Media Influencer

The best advice I’ve received is “Do what you want to do because at the end of the day: those who mind, don’t matter; and those who matter, won’t mind” (Dr. Seuss LOL)

Lindsey DeLauder – Balayaged and glossed to give a subtle amount of pop to this gorgeous mane

Best advice that I have ever received professionally is – know your worth.  In any profession you can’t expect others, wether that be clients , co workers, bosses etc. To know your value and just hand you everything you think you deserve I.e. respect, value, promotions etc. In everything you do hold it to a high standard and with the utmost integrity and you will reap the benefits. People notice quality and intentionality.

Yelp: Linz DeLauder Hair Salon

Liz Esguerra – Reiki Practitioner & Professional Dancer Energy Healer

“The best advice I have received is, to stay present in your journey and enjoy life in each moment. No matter what, embrace life’s moments in present time. With this advice, it took me some time to heal my past, but as soon as the 80% of my happiness out weighted the 20% healing; I realized I had reached another level of thinking. With that share, I can truly embrace the fact that I have finally reached a level of thinking where I no longer have emotional attachments to my past. When it comes to the future, I no longer worry about what is yet to come because I truly embrace the Future in the present moments i create for myself.  This might sounds silly, but when you change your perception upon life and tap into your subconscious thinking, which to me is a meditative state, you have the ability to create your life through visualization. Christ Consciousness/The Universe provides insight on your future when you spend a good amount of time becoming clear on your life purpose through visualizing the very things you want and need to bring in your life. Look at this way, you spend the 10,000 hours invested in developing your talents, your gifts, your business. Right? Well, the same effort should also be placed in self-healing, self-development and of course meditating to unleash the very ideas to create the world you all are deserving of living! Sending you all tons of love Darlings! Xoxo, Liz” 

Ashley Judah – hairstylist/ blonde specialist. Owner of Peaches Parlour in Oceanside

Best professional advice I’ve ever received was actually on my very first day of beauty school. I was told ‘do what your client wants, and not what you think they should have’. Doing hair going on 13 years I’ve learned how much my clients actually appreciate that. Also my mom who’s been doing hair going on 30 years told me ‘always listen to your client’.

Facebook: Ashley Judah hair design

Tia Flessas  Hairstylist – Color Specialist

The best professional advice I’ve received and think about day to day about is to set a goal, stay consistent and you will see results! I believe this is such great advice because anyone can apply it to either their professional or personal life!

“Gold & Braid Salon” in Misson Viejo, CA

Lauren Norris – Mom & Salon Owner (Citizen Salon)

The best advice I’ve ever received was: to be patient with myself during times of change and growth. Why is it so easy to lift up and support others but so hard to show the same kind of love for ourselves sometimes? Fall in love with the process of change and allow yourself to learn and grow.


Ayumi Matsunami – Color/Balayage Specialist

The best advice I’ve gotten that I apply both to my personal life as well as to my business is this; be active in your path. Take responsibility and know both your short and long term goals. It’s your life and your business and the reality is that we’re all here for a certain amount of time. Be focused and clear on what you want your life to look like and what you need to do to achieve that.



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