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Life & Work with Kristin Allen-Farmer

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kristin Allen-Farmer.  

Hi Kristin, we’re thrilled to have a chance to learn your story today. So, before we get into specifics, maybe you can briefly walk us through how you got to where you are today?
Hi! I am a mother, a classically trained pianist, a music producer, a performer, a recording artist, and music educator. Music is my life. I’ve been living, breathing, playing, and composing music since I was 6 years old. 

I’ve recently switched career paths. For a long, while I’ve been a music educator, working with large groups of children, teaching everything from ukulele, to singing, xylophones, piano, string instruments, and dance culminating in large-scale performances. to entering the world of sync music licensing, music production, performing, and writing music for film and TV. 

My artist project and passion project – Dream Tonic ( – is the culmination of years of classical training as a pianist combined with my love of dance music and poetry. As a music producer, learning how to shape and create the sounds I hear in my head is one of the most exciting things for me right now. Understanding technically what is going on in some of my favorite dance music and then being able to implement those techniques into my own music has been incredibly satisfying. My music has been described as a similar sound to Portishead, Cocteau Twins, and Morcheeba and lives somewhere in the world of trip-hop and melodic downtempo. 

I think a LOT about why I feel compelled to create music. The short answer is because I simply HAVE to, it is like breathing for me. The longer answer has to do with the fact that music had such a profound impact on me growing up. Music was the reason I could do everything from cry to laugh, rejoice, jump up high in delight – and experience a wide range of emotions. It helped me to understand and feel the unspeakable emotions that came through me. If my music can do the same thing for ONE person, my job is done. Ultimately, as humans, we all seek connection. For me, music and dance were a way to connect not only to myself but to others as well. Music and dance have personally been a lifeline for me to come back to myself and connect with others again and again. My simple wish is that if my music speaks to you, I hope it helps you feel more grounded and deeply connected to yourself and others. 

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
It hasn’t been easy to land where I’ve landed thus far. As mostly a live musician performing onstage with various groups, coming into the role of female music producer (fewer than 5% of all music producers are female!) has been daunting, to say the least. Especially while mothering two young children during covid, where I rarely had any peace and quiet. I was somewhat technophobic prior to learning my way around my music production software (Ableton) and I initially thought it was something that I would never gain mastery of. I overcame this initial fear of technology by realizing I simply HAVE to create the music in my head otherwise I would wind up unhappy and resentful. So, I committed to myself – and made very clear to my family – that this was going to be a priority. I learned as much as I could by diving into LinkedIn learning courses on Ableton, booking one-on-one sessions with other talented producers, watching tutorial after tutorial on YouTube about certain production techniques, and joining the Producer Dojo community. I carve out time from my busy life to produce and am pretty much obsessed with it. My family has come to respect that I need LOTS of alone time and space in order to produce. 

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
My most recent project was an opportunity of a lifetime! I had the opportunity to create some of the music for the new Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser Adventure hotel at Disneyworld. (Learn more at 

My debut EP is here as of June 3 and an accompanying Remix EP is here as of June 17! These albums have been YEARS in the making and I can’t wait for the world to hear them! Presave or Stream here: AND here: 

I LOVE playing classical music at everything from cocktail parties to weddings to wineries to private parties. I can bring a touch of elegance to any event. (Learn more at 

I LOVE working with children and groups of children, anywhere from private lessons to group workshops. (Learn more at 

The best way to hear the variety of music that I make is to visit 

So, before we go, how can our readers or others connect or collaborate with you? How can they support you?
I am currently collaborating with a bunch of electronic music artists that study, perform and release music through the Producer Dojo record label, founded by the acclaimed bass music producer ill. Gates. Through this community, I was presented with the Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser Adventure opportunity that I recently finished up. 

I currently work recording custom songs for people as well and help deliver vocals and instrumentals for various tracks that people need help completing. 

I would like to find an outlet for my music education self here in San Diego, as I have recently left the community (Santa Cruz) in which I had a thriving music education career. I am looking to collaborate with serious musicians and groups, from choirs to symphonies to various music studios to teach anything from theory, and ensemble playing to music production. 

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