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Meet Leslie Farhat

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Leslie Farhat. Leslie was introduced to us by the brilliant and talented Jenn Malecha.

Leslie, can you walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
It almost feels like I was struggling my whole life. I’m a 36 year old female who’s played sports my whole life including college. I’ve always carried a little weight around my abdomen but it was never anything like it’s been these last several years. I have my master’s degree in exercise physiology but I can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. Excessive weight gain, boils all over my body, acne, rashes, constant bloating and constipation, achy and stiff joints, sleep insomnia, and mood swings. After several years of reading books and trying to piece it together myself I decided to work towards functional medicine. Two and a half years ago I decided to start my journey in functional medicine with the Cleveland clinic’s integrative medicine institute. It worked well for about the first 8 months and then I started to regress. I felt like I was missing some information and support that I needed. Their program does follow a holistic approach of nutrition supplementation and mental health. Although their system combines all three there was a lack of support on nutrition and mental health. That’s when I decided I needed something that was more in depth and inclusive so I reached out to Jenn Malecha. I was referred to Jenn by my sister who completed the program with her and had much success. The first thing Jenn did was test test test! She had more in-depth testing than I had ever done at the Cleveland Clinic which gave more in-depth results. On top of that, her program also emphasizes nutrition and mental health just as equally and that’s where the major changes began. I had a lot of problems from sleep issues to bloating, inability to build muscle mass no matter how hard I exercised even after working with Cleveland Clinic.  One of my main issues was stress and anxiety and we were able to target that through supplementation and nutrition along with mental health exercises. My testing showed I had hormone imbalances including excess estrogen and decreased testosterone, malabsorption, cortisol levels were all over the place, bacteria overgrowths and parasites just to name a few. I found out that my diet of chicken, beef, avocado, and sweet potatoes that I mostly ate happen to be my high allergy foods. My Cleveland Clinic physician told me an allergy test was a waste of money. Boy was she wrong! We supported my body with supplementation to help with the detox process. So once I began to remove that along with gluten and dairy and soy and corn and several other allergens the pounds fell off and the sleep became better causing my mood stabilized. Within 6 months of starting her program I was down 20 lbs. The second part of our journey was me reintroducing some foods back having a more manageable lifestyle with less restriction, reducing supplements,  while trying to maintain the principles that Jenn taught. I was able to start working out again with low impact with my pilates reformer (my favorite!).  I saw muscle development that I haven’t been able to get in the last three to four years. The round, puffy face I once had turned into a jawline and cheekbones. I dropped two pants sizes going from 174lbs to 152 lbs at 5’7. I haven’t weighed that much since before college. Honestly, originally started my program with Jenn to help myself with many vanity goals at the forefront but didn’t realize the emotional and mental impact it would have. We do hear of these large institutes with these big programs but I feel like they those are one size fits all. I felt like Jenn’s was very customized to my needs and our monthly sessions really focused on my individuality. I finished a year program with Jenn recently which also lined up with the timing of my wedding so you can imagine the stress and anxiety with such a life-changing event but I was able to better manage the process because I was given the tools to do so. I still maintain quarterly meetings with Jenn because I feel like she gave me enough tools and built a good foundation and I can manage most of it on my own but I do need tweaks here and there. She has truly changed my life for the better. My journey has also positively impacted the people around me that I love the most. They get motivated and inspired by the success that I’ve had and want to join in on the lifestyle of being healthy and balanced. I think it’s a true testament to what Jenn does that I have the ability to share my knowledge to others and see them reach their goals and success to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Let’s talk about your work and career – what else should we know?
I have my masters degree in exercise physiology. I currently work as a medical sales rep. My life has been consumed with healthcare on every forefront. I feel like I’ve always had the knowledge but never new where to begin. That’s where Jenn’s value stepped in even for a “educated” individual.

Jenn Malecha and (W)holistic Health Boss have been great to us and I know you’ve got a great relationship with them as well. Maybe you can tell our audience a bit about Jenn and (W)holistic Health Boss and your experience with them.
I started my journey with integrative medicine at Cleveland Clinic. Although I had some success at the beginning of their program I started to regress halfway through. They just wanted me to start completely over with the same process I began with and I thought if it didn’t work the first time then something’s missing. That’s when I reached out to Jenn. My main goal was to lose weight and look better physically and feel better. I wanted to wear jeans and not have a muffin top. I reach my goal in less than 6 months with Jenn’s program. It’s changed my life not just with appearance but with my mental clarity stress Management and overall attitude.


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