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Meet Roxi Taylor of Finesse Life Holistics in Virtual

Today we’d like to introduce you to Roxi Taylor.

Roxi, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
For over a decade, I struggled with an “incurable” condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), an endocrine, hormonal and metabolic disorder that affects 1 in 5 of women. I had all of the classic PCOS symptoms like facial hair, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, acne, hair loss, obesity (weighing 240-257 throughout my adulthood), insulin resistance and more. After years of failed diets, weight loss drinks, fat burning pills, waist trainers, and other quick ways to lose weight – I gave up.

Because of how I felt about myself, I found it hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I lacked confidence and I did not have the mindset required to become change my diagnosis. Fear of commitment became my friend and food was my comfort.

I decided to reclaim my life and my destiny. After been prescribed various medications (including birth control pills, metformin, clomid, antibiotics, and more) and becoming prediabetic, I knew something had to change. By incorporating healthier habits and routines, my starting weight of 247 pounds quickly dropped to 130 pounds (105 pounds GONE within 12 months) and my PCOS symptoms were no longer present.

By switching to an organic Whole Foods, plant-based diet (and with the help of 16/8 intermittent fasting), I was able to shed over 100 pounds in 12 months (naturally). To date, I’ve lost 125 lbs – with absolutely no calorie counting or calorie watching. By switching my diet, including some movement, and transforming my perspective, it helped eliminate all of my other PCOS symptoms.

The cool thing about a plant-based lifestyle is that it’s the only “diet” clinically proven to reverse heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain stages of prostate and breast cancer. My thoughts at that time were – if it can help the nation’s top killers, it can also help PCOS – And it did!! I am now a certified holistic nutritionist and weight loss strategist who helps women fully understand their diagnosis along with the several natural treatment options that are available. I’ve learned what you consume plays a key role in preventing, managing or reverting PCOS.

In my book “No Prescription Needed” I discuss in great detail the underlying causes of PCOS, The four different PCOS types, how PCOS affects the endocrine, hormonal and metabolic system, natural herbs and supplements that target the root causes of your PCOS, various methods to reduce stress and inflammation, and so much more.

When I was informed that I no longer fit the Rotterdam Criteria for PCOS, I was elated, but confused because I thought PCOS was a problem that you could never fully solved. My doctors told me it was an “incurable, chronic illness”. That is absolutely not true. I share my story to empower and encourage ladies that this can be your outcome with PCOS too! I’m no different than any woman and I love shining light on their crowns.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Like I tell my clients – the most difficult part about my health transformation wasn’t losing 125 pounds. It was actually believing that I could do it! I had tried numerous weight loss short cuts over the years like various diets, weight loss pills, teas, waist trainers, exercise videos, and more. Nothing seemed to work.

I was the Queen of yo-yo dieting and food was like my best friend. My many failed attempts were due to a lack of planning & preparation and I didn’t have an emotion connection to my “why”. I also realized that I wasn’t committed to myself, as I thought. Once I connected those dots (which included lots of tears and the “ugly cry”), it was like the pounds fell off.

Please tell us about Finesse Life Holistics.
At Finesse Life Holistics, we know how perplexing PCOS can be, especially when it comes to figuring out specific nutrition protocols —and then integrating them into your life and lifestyle. We also know the challenges that can follow a PCOS diagnosis, whether it’s dealing with weight management, gaining control over annoying symptoms, or even conceiving a baby. That’s why we exist.

Founded by Roxi Taylor, a leading PCOS certified holistic nutritionist (who just so happens to have PCOS herself), Finesse Life Holistics can offer you everything you need to regain your CROWN and take back your life. With dependable and evidence-based information, the right tools, and a supportive community, we’ve got the goods—and the expert advice—to help you make lasting changes to your diet, health, and fertility. Together, let’s ditch PCOS so you can get back to loving your body and your life.

I specialize in PCOS, weight loss strategy and lifestyle transformation. My mission is to help one million women eliminate their PCOS symptoms and I am extremely grateful to have clients who entrust me to help with their journey. What sets a Finesse Life apart from other Holistic Nutrition and Wellness brands is our strong desire to change the statistics and narrative around women’s and minority health.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
I have an amazing tribe of cheerleaders, dream chasers, and life changers.

Prior to relocating to California, I was a radio show host in Arizona on a show called “Pillow Talk” (on Support District Radio Network). I remember asking my sister-friends/co-hosts to accompany me to a consultation for liposuction. Of course, they came – but my sister-friend gave me some words that changed my life. “Sis, you don’t need to have this surgery. You just need to change what you eat. You can do this naturally, just fine”. I don’t know what it was – maybe I just needed to hear someone say, “You can do it!” I never went through with the surgery, but those words really helped kick off my transformation.

My partner, who had made a drastic lifestyle and weight transformation himself, was already ahead of the game when I came into the picture! Haha. While I was asking for a steak, he’d opt for a salad with a response of “oh, I don’t eat beef or pork”. So, when I was ready to practice a plant-based diet, he jumped right on board. He has really helped make the transition easier.

My step kids also helped in my success. Sometimes it’s difficult to get young kids and teens on board with a new way of eating. But they have helped make this transformation a family affair. Today, they prepare plant-based meals for our family, understand the importance of Whole Foods and plant nutrition, and they can see and feel the benefits of what we are doing. They don’t complain, they embrace change and just go with the flow. Pretty amazing for a 17, 15.5 and nine-year-old. I’m planting seeds in my home, community and the world. #Goals


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