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Today we’d like to introduce you to Sheree Trask.

Hi Sheree, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
Growing up, I always loved to write. I also crushed hard over epic storytelling, and found myself drawn to the darkness of truth more than the surface level musings of the comfortable. I guess that’s where it all begin, really. Paired with real life experiences, some of which were completely out of my control.

I was raised to be fiercely independent, which served me well most of the time. Until I realized that receiving help from others was not only amazing, but necessary in order to grow and expand both my life and business, alike.

At 18, just after high school graduation, I moved from a small town North of Seattle (Snohomish, WA) to sunny San Diego, CA for college. From the age of 7, when I first laid eyes on Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland, I dreamt of moving to San Diego and building a life as a ‘successful business-woman.’ Whatever that meant. Making this move (alone) was both terrifying, and a dream come true.

Fast-forward to 19, after living in SD for barely a year, I experienced something that changed the trajectory of my life and impacted my purpose tremendously. After going against my gut, I said ‘yes’ to a date which inevitably shifted all that I knew, including who I was, deeply.

*trigger warning*

It was October 15, 2001 and unlike the typical weather in San Diego (70’s and sunny), it was raining. As I walked into his house, I knew something was off. And after a brief confrontation which turned aggressive, I found myself on his bed, pants around my ankles, and my fingernails deep into his back. That ‘date’ became the night my world was turned upside down, as I walked out of that house a survivor, having been raped and in shock, shaking from what had just happened.

Just 3 weeks later I got the news… “You’re pregnant!” And once again, that terrible night flashed before my eyes as I vowed to keep my secret, and find a way to use it for good.

And herein lies the beauty in the mess, turning that pain into my purpose and choosing to use it to help others instead of allowing him to take any more from me, ever again. Being raped lit a fire inside of me, which is why I do what I do: I am blessed to help others tell their brave stories in a way that empowers them and their readers to keep going and find peace. Because in the end, we are all surviving something. And we deserve to be free.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
The journey to get to this place has not been easy. My story began early on, being abandoned by my biological father at birth. The wound of abandonment became a prominent and confusing through-line in my personal story, which I continue to consciously face each day with the support of incredible healers, friends, family, and my partner. For me, safety in people and places is huge so I strive to be that safe space for others, giving them a place to rest their truths and find meaning in their experiences.

I have struggled with giving myself away too easily. I have struggled to receive the kindness of others, fearing it would eventually be taken away. I have struggled with staying in places for too long as to not ‘abandon’ others, in turn, abandoning myself. I have struggled to trust my gut, which led to losing it all and having to rebuild my life from the ground up.

All of that said, with each struggle has come lesson upon lesson for which I am eternally grateful. It has not been a smooth road and yet, it has been a beautiful one. I have learned so much about the hearts capacity to heal, and our souls ability to rebuild itself no matter the circumstances. I have also learned a huge lesson in forgiveness, primarily of Self, as I have learned to love and embrace all of me, as I am, with open arms and compassion.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
I am a Ghostwriter, Author Mentor, and Communication Coach specializing in communication, boundaries and leadership with a focus on moving through trauma. My book niche is Transformational Non-Fiction (personal development, self help, etc.). My signature process has helped aspiring authors become published authors, which they quickly realize is about so much more than ‘writing a book.’ My proven process takes my clients through relationship work, boundary setting, self love exercises, patterning, wounding, and of course, courageous storytelling.

I am proud and honored to hold such sacred space for the brave souls that choose me as their guide. I guess I would say what makes me unique is my innate ability to see people’s truth, and call them forth into authentic self expression in a way that empowers them further into their growth and allows them to use their story to inspire others in the process. As I tell all of my clients, “it’s not about perfection, it’s about completion.” And together through my programs, we walk the line of what it looks like to be in messy-action on a mission to do great things in the world.

Can you talk to us a bit about the role of luck?
I’m not sure I believe in luck as much as I believe in our innate ability to choose differently, choose better, for ourselves. Sure, we can meet ‘the right person’ at ‘the right time’ but is that luck, or is that happening through intentional living? I like to think it’s the latter. When we consciously show up in a way that aligns with the truest expression of ourselves, it’s my belief that the universe conspires in our favor. Maybe this looks like luck, but I happen to believe it’s all part of a divine plan for us to experience the fullness of life based on who we choose to BE, moment by moment.

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