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Community Highlights: Meet Lauren Cabaldon of Field Trip Health

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lauren Cabaldon.

Hi Lauren, so excited to have you on the platform. So before we get into questions about your work-life, maybe you can bring our readers up to speed on your story and how you got to where you are today?
My name is Lauren Cabaldon, and I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in San Diego. I recently made the transition to work in the magical and growing field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and joined a company called Field Trip Health. We recently opened a clinic in La Jolla, CA and have a mission to provide deep healing treatment to the San Diego community.

I have worked in the addiction/mental health treatment world and private practice for several years, and have witnessed many clients with severe depression, suicidal thoughts, crippling anxiety, addictions and PTSD continue to suffer. Approximately 65-80% of individuals taking anti-depressants still report feeling clinically depressed. Traditional talk therapy and medications provide foundational support, but I could always see there was a deeper, hidden pain that was not able to be accessed through the conventional Western medical model. It is akin to putting a band aid on a bleeding bullet wound. I believe that psychedelic medicine, along with a safe and supportive therapeutic environment, can access the brain’s default mode network to break down and integrate traumatic memories and negative self talk. We have witnessed the magic in our clinic. Psychedelics and substances which alter our consciousness have long been a part of our human history, I believe to provide much needed insight, healing, growth, and integration to further our consciousness.

Field Trip Health in La Jolla opened in December 2021, and offers ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in a comfortable, safe, and medically supervised environment. Ketamine is currently the only legal and FDA approved psychedelic medicine which produces mental health benefits, and is currently used safely in surgery for anesthesia. Ketamine has anti-depressant effects that can be felt after the first session, and can have more meaningful and lasting effects with the psychotherapeutic integration afterward. New research and data has shown that ketamine and other psychedelic medicines can create a mysterious window of neuroplasticity in the brain to help “re-wire” old belief patterns and traumatic responses.

We believe that each individual has an “inner healing intelligence” that can be accessed through this powerful medicine. Ketamine is a dissociative, which also helps individuals with acute or complex trauma dissociate from their repetitive and engrained thoughts and behaviors, so we can integrate that material and heal.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
Being a new clinic in La Jolla, our biggest challege is educating the community on the safety and efficacy of psychedelic medicine. It has been the new “craze” in the psychology world (although medicines have been with us since ancient times). Individuals and practitioners are still skeptical, or they had a “bad trip” on LSD or mushrooms in college. Thus, the stigma around psychedelic medicines has been challenging to break though, but eduction, data, and positive outcomes always outshine stigma.

It is important to note that “set and setting” are everything to a psychedelic experience, and Field Trip offers some of the most beautiful, sacred and intentional settings which honor the individual’s deep healing process. We believe that if you are willing to have the courage to access traumatic memories and revisit the pain in order to heal, it should be done in the most magnificent and comfortable space.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?
We are a new Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy clinic opened in La Jolla, led by Lauren Cabaldon, LMFT, who has years of experience treating anxiety disoders, treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, and addictions. We are really the first psychedelic space of its kind in San Diego. We place a high importance on the set and setting for the psychedelic experience. Our space is designed to be a magical, mystical sacred sanctuary for deep inner healing to take place. Clients can rest, relax, and integrate for as long as they need, rather than just being in a sterile ketamine clinic for 60 minutes. We are designed to be a rejuvenating, mini-retreat for the psyche.
Our team is incredible. We believe that the tribe needs to heal the wounds of the individual. We place special importance on the idea of co-regulation – that the therapist must be attuned to the client’s needs and create a safe, healing container for traumatic memories to surface. We have a nurse practitioner to provide medical supervision and licensed therapists to help provide safety and the intentional integration needed afterwards.

Our mission is to bring psychedelic education and awareness to the San Diego community, to reduce stigma and provide greater accessibility to those populations that are suffering. We want to help veterans with PTSD, individuals who have experienced feelings of hopeless and isolation during the pandemic, and those with anxiety disorders that prevent them from living their life to the fullest. We want to empower the community through psychedelic medicine, and create an ethos of accessing each individuals “inner healing intelligence.”

We know a lot of people are apprehensive, fearful, never tried a psychedelic, or had what you may call a “bad trip” in college. We create as much safety and provide information to help. We have created very specific and detailed protocols.

Psychotherapy provides a structured way to process the new thoughts and feelings that arise, and integrate insights into every day life to provide deeper healing.

We believe in you and your innate ability to heal. However, that ability is not always accessible due to past experiences, traumas, and learned patterns. Through our treatment program, our aim is always to serve as a support and guide alongside you, with the medicine being a catalyst to open up access to healing that may previously have been less accessible. At all times, we want to empower you as the agent of healing in your life.

Networking and finding a mentor can have such a positive impact on one’s life and career. Any advice?
Putting yourself out there is hard. But that’s how you get what you need in return.

It sounds corny, but I asked the universe for more mentors, and kept responding to the signs. Whenever I had the opportunity to attend a workshop, join a LinkedIn group, be a part of a Zoom call, or meet someone at a conference, I would put myself out there. Tell people exactly what you are looking for. You’d be surprised, people WANT to be helpful. They want to showcase their network and knowledge. If they have a connection to a mentor that can be helpful to you, they do want to help. Mentorship and apprenticeship is a dying art that needs to be revitalized. It gives you so much more than a book, workshop, or course can.

Message people like crazy, do the email follow ups, get business cards, track down people’s contact information on their websites and drop them a line, you’ll be surprised how many people actually respond!


  • Intro Module (Psychiatric Assessment, Prep, Bio-psycho-social, In-Clinic Ketamine, and Integration: $750.00
  • Core 4 Module: 4 Sessions with In-Clinic Ketamine which includes Intro Module: $3,500
  • Core 6 Module: 6 Sessions of In-Clinic Ketamine which includes Intro Module: $5,500

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