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Inspiring Stories from Old Town-Mission Valley

The heart of our mission at the SD Voyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the San Diego’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Old Town-Mission Valley below.

Sarah Goodson

In 2006, I was in grad school for Organizational Leadership and I had the opportunity to get certified by Gallup for their StrengthFinder assessment. That was way back when well before coaching was as popular or mainstream as it is now. After my certification, I knew how to coach but I didn’t know how to enroll high-paying clients and I didn’t know how to launch a business. So I did what I knew what to do: I worked for other people for about 15 years. My corporate work was important and meaningful and lucrative, but I started to grow more restless knowing that a company dictated my work hours and my travel, etc. After my daughter was born, I was ready to be my own boss and make my own schedule. I was finally ready to go all-in on myself. Read more>>

Jaclyn Walian

I began my journey in early education when I was studying at SDSU in the Child and Family Development program in 1994. I was introduced to the local Head Start program and fell in love with the two-generation model of serving children and families. As I was finishing the undergrad program, I began working with the program and remained doing so for over 20 years. Having this experience working with children and families directly inspired me to be more engaged in advocacy efforts and improving the broader systems of care that our families/children interact with. As a result of my experience, I was able to join the First 5 San Diego team as the Executive Director in 2017 and continue to lead this amazing work countywide. Read more>>

Aleya Lanteigne

I have been a collector for as long as I can remember, I’m not sure of the source, perhaps Pogs, or Pokémon cards, but the idea that I had to “collect them all” was a thrilling thought even though I never had a complete collection. I wasn’t afforded much growing up, so I quickly moved on from novelty possessions to more accessible and organic things; from seeds and leaves, to rocks and shells. I would be on the hunt for treasure wherever I went. Common collecting grounds as a child included sites like the neighborhood train tracks, trips to the lake, and the most accessible: a walnut tree in my front yard. Finding treasures was only half of the adventure I also had to figure out how to store or display my collection. Read more>>

Melissa Velez

I love smiling and laughing, I also love the adrenaline, creativity and that just all comes together when you are a part of such a wonderful industry. I remember being younger and my mom taking me to hair salons with her, I’d love watching and sweeping after the stylists’ haircuts during my mom’s long color service appointments. Since I was about seven years old, my mom allowed me to get my favorite actors hair colors. Red, blue, yellows tips, etc. That’s where it all started. I’ve always loved seeing the work put behind it and all the creativity that is individually based per person. Putting smiles on my client’s faces is to me the best feeling, and thus, the best career to have for me and one I will forever love and happily will do. Read more>>

Lisa Holmes

Lisa A. Holmes, MS HR is a Human Resources Executive, Executive Coach and Author with more than 30 years of HR experience. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Human Resources from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. With Lisa’s deep HR expertise, “keep it real” communicative style and strong business acumen, she is a sought-after leader by Fortune 500 businesses, privately held organizations across diverse industries and professional athletes. Presently, Lisa serves as Chief Business Strategist for Strategic Performance of Los Angeles headquartered in Los Angeles, California, where she’s designing and implementing HR solutions that drive sales and profits via Fractional CHRO/HR Leadership, On-Demand HR, Leadership Development, Executive and Coaching. Read more>>

Vander Castillo

Fresh out of college in 2012 I was still stuck in that “you need more experience” label sadly, so I went ahead and got my Master’s degree from CSULB and did more internships and got a variety of experience in pro sports, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, collegiate tournaments and elite high school. I started networking with other Athletic Trainers and saw what other types of positions they were in and that’s when I caught a break and started working at Disneyland as an Operations Athletic Trainer. That experience leads me to another job with Anheuser Busch as an Industrial Athletic Trainer. Read more>>

Phil Rosen

I graduated from SDSU in 2018 with a shiny new kinesiology degree and I had been admitted into a great graduate program for human physiology. And yet this felt like too predictable of a path, and I felt the need to have an adventure – that’s when I decided instead to move to Hong Kong and teach English and launch a travel blog. My English teaching job gave me a viable income to travel around Asia while I was based in Hong Kong, and my passion for writing was where the notion of a travel blog came about. I wanted to see as much of the world as I could and share stories along the way. Read more>>

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