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Exploring Life & Business with Connie Stewart of SoulSync Consulting

Today we’d like to introduce you to Connie Stewart.

Can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. You can include as little or as much detail as you’d like.
My psychic abilities showed up in childhood as chronicled in my memoir, The Other Side of the Bayou. Because no one in my family ever spoke about such things, I simply thought everyone could “see” what I saw. I suppose I was too busy to notice the uniqueness due to trying to protect myself and my siblings from the alcohol-fueled rage of my father, who seemed to take most of his unresolved issues out on me. 

Violently evicted from my family home at age 16, I began a long, lonely road back to my Self and to the wisdom of my Soul.

 At the age of 40 and facing the end of my marriage, I begged my Soul for guidance. I was miserable, mostly due to denying my innate gifts for so long. What I “knew” as a child faded into the background of jobs, failed relationships, and a child.

When I finally gave myself permission to step into my inherent psychic medium abilities, I remembered that as a child I loved to play dress up in what was a loosely constructed nun’s outfit, complete with a habit. Mind you, I was not religious. Instead, I knew I wanted to teach spirituality as I stood at the blackboard while my two “students” looked on.

My other favorite pastime was being a counselor for the neighborhood kids. I’m not sure if I chose the role or if it chose me. Thinking back, those two early choices were in sync with who I am and what I do today. 

I’m nothing if not dedicated and tenacious and never gave up my desire to help others as a psychic healer. Staying true to my path has served me well. I’m happiest when in the energetic zone of healing and love.

Using my previous Corporate America work experience, I began to market myself. I use my website as a credibility tool and share business cards at every opportunity. I also use my memoir, The Other Side of the Bayou, as an example for others who have daunting hardships to overcome. Gratefully, my business is largely supported by trusted word of mouth.

Has it been a smooth road? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
During my last marriage, I began to once again feel a great pull from my Soul. I yearned for a mentor and found her. It was magic! Even though my marriage was troubled, I’d never been so happy. My husband was against all things psychic – not because he was a naysayer but because he was a believer, and it frightened him. 

On course to the airport to spend time – for the first time – with my mentor in New Orleans, he told me he was thinking about divorce. I was devastated! I tried to put it out of my mind as I reveled in the energy of coming home to my Soul, but it was always just a few thoughts away. Ultimately, shortly after my return he moved out. How could I be both terribly heartbroken yet exhilarated? My heart was aching and expanding at the same time. 

When I first offered my healing services there were but a few takers. I did free sessions to demonstrate the usefulness of having a psychic session, but I eventually became dismayed and confused. Why was I given these gifts if no one wanted this type of assistance? Years later, once I had an established clientele, I was able to further identify what was going on at that time. It was as though I got off the train one stop too early. It was lonely and there was no tangible evidence that I should persevere. Nevertheless, I knew without a doubt that I had a genuine offer and that I could be helpful to those searching for their own light/soul. I hung in there and continually asked for guidance, which I mostly received in late night whispers. I learned that believing is about hanging on and that faith requires letting go. I had to fully surrender.

We’d love to learn more about your work. What do you do, what do you specialize in, what are you known for, etc. What are you most proud of? What sets you apart from others?
As a psychic medium, my primary skill is “knowing stuff”! Details about the past, present, future of my clients and about those who’ve crossed over are within my grasp. I use that information to help in any way necessary. Here are some of the tools in my goodie bag:

  • Psychic sessions (past, present, and future reading)
  • Group sessions
  • Couple’s sessions 
  • Weekly video chat subscription (varied topics of interest)
  • Cutting energetic cords (disconnect from past relationships, situations and events)
  • Balancing chakras (energetic centers; clearing negative energy)
  • Past-life identification and clearing when it has a negative impact on current life 
  • Healing physical, mental, spiritual, and energetic wounds
  • Mediumship (connecting with the departed)
  • Remote viewing (getting information about a person, place, or situation at a distance without 

being there physically)

  • Mentoring (helping others develop their own innate psychic skills; discovering and expanding on self-awareness and self-love)
  • Energetic space clearing (removing negative or paranormal energy from the home, real estate listings, business)
  • Business strategy
  • My memoir, The Other Side of the Bayou

My “work/play” is borne of a lifelong commitment to the Soul, which began at the age of five. The Catholic religion (which I resisted to some degree) taught that for every Soul that crossed over there must be a landing place. People who were free of large sins would go to Heaven. Those who didn’t practice loving thy neighbor and who did bad deeds might go to Hell. But it was the Souls who didn’t quite qualify for either place that intrigued me the most. They were supposedly hanging out in Purgatory – some type of bleak midway point I surmised – until summoned to one of the other places. I could barely stand the thought of being in a dismal limbo, so I did the only thing I knew to do… pray for them. The nuns taught me that for every utterance of “Jesus, Mary, Joseph” one Soul would rise from that gray middle ground up to Heaven. I was hooked! I drifted off into hazy sleep most nights reciting that little ditty hundreds of times.

What do you like best about our city? What do you like least about our city?
I loved San Diego the first time I visited in 1984! It was January and yet I enjoyed absorbing the warmth of the golden sun, which was no where to be found in my home town, New Orleans, at that time of year. The city had a laid-back vibe and people seemed to be out and about on foot everywhere. I like that it has a big town, rather than cosmopolitan, feeling.

I was a bit surprised that people were so the self-contained. In the South, people wave and say hello to strangers. I was lonely for the first several months after moving here. My husband at the time was a pilot and away a lot. Over time, I made wonderful and long-lasting friendships that bring me so much joy and create the tribe I longed for as a kid.


  • Private session 60 minutes (by phone or video) $275
  • Private session 90 minutes (by phone or video) $375
  • Couple’s session 60 minutes (by phone or video) $375
  • Private mediumship session 60 minutes (by phone or video) $375
  • Group session 2 hours – (by video) $100 – $150 p/p
  • Energetic space clearing – rate varies
  • Video discussion series subscription – rate TBA

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